Dear Vivienne: you are 9 weeks old

Dear Vivienne, You are 9 weeks old! Goodness! Time is flying by! Next week I have to go back to work. I’m so sad about it, but I am thankful for the 10 weeks I’ll have had at home with you.

This week you’ve discovered your hands. You hold them together, chew on them, suck on them and you’ve started batting at your toys. And really, not just batting but batting with a purpose! It’s so adorable. You’re so, so smart. I’m so proud of my baby girl.

We are SO close to getting a laugh out of you! In fact, the other night I DID hear you laugh but it was in your sleep. I was so excited to hear your little laugh and I can’t wait to hear one from you while you’re awake! We’re hearing lots of new sounds this week too! One that cracks me up, I can’t describe other than its the same sound your poppa makes when he laughs! So adorable. You’re drooling a little more, too, so now you sometimes make little spit bubbles. Haha!

We had your 2 month checkup on Monday and you were 13 lbs. 14 oz. and 24 inches long! 95th percentile in both! Such a big girl 🙂 You were healthy as a horse. We also got your first shot. It was pretty rough on momma. I definitely cried more than you did! Daddy was the bad guy and held you while you got your shot. Momma came in and held you tight after it was over…although it may have been more to console me than you! You got over it pretty quickly 🙂 The rest of the day you were a fussy, fussy baby. We had the option to wait until your 4 month visit to get your shot but we decided to do it that day. I regretted that later! I wished I had waited until your 4 month checkup!

Later that day, you had your very first trip to Joe T. Garcias! This is one of our most favorite places to eat. You got initiated at 9 weeks. Maybe next time we go you can have a taste of something! You slept through almost the entire dinner, though. ha! I go back to work next week. It’s going to be very rough on me but you probably won’t notice. At least you’ll be safe at home with your daddy!

Love you baby girl.



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