Dear Vivienne: You are 8 weeks old

It took me a while to edit this post, but here it is! 🙂 9 weeks coming tomorrow…

I’m laying in bed writing this as you snooze in your cradle next to me. I had already written the entire post but momma is not so smart sometimes and closed out the browser without saving. (I wonder if the “Jesus saves” joke will still be around when you read this? Well, if it’s not, ask me about it.)

Well, you’re snoozing away right now. I should be too but it’s hard for me to go to bed when I should. Plus, it’s pretty funny to hear you sigh, coo, snort and fart (like father, like daughter?) in your sleep. 🙂 Well, here’s the post!

My sweet girl, You are 8 weeks old today! And oh, how things are changing and growing with you. I love you so much and I love to see the daily changes in you! I used to keep a small basket in your cradle with diapers, wipes, changing pad, paci, etc. in it for late night needs. You were so tiny (if you can call it that!) when we brought you home that there was plenty of room for it and you. Well, last week your little legs started kicking that basket and it was getting in your way as you slept so I took it out. I can’t believe you’re so big!

Vivi, in the last two weeks you have grown developmentally by leaps and bounds! You are holding your head up incredibly well. You look at and take in everything around you. Your favorite things to look at are ceiling fans (moving or not), daddy’s MST3K posters and of course momma & daddy’s faces! These last two weeks your legs are getting stronger. You’re standing up in our laps more and prefer that to being cuddled a lot of the time!


You have begun your early stages of laughter this week. You’ve given us a couple of giggles. They’re absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to hear your precious laugh!


You are still very easygoing. You have your fussy moments, yes, but I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times I have really heard you cry. It’s pretty rare for you! I’m glad you’ve gotten that trait from your daddy.


It seems like you’re finally starting to look like me! I still don’t see it, but now that you’re getting older, more people are starting to comment on how much you look like me. Yay! My kid finally looks like mine! 😉 People still comment on your eyelashes. It is often the very first thing people notice about you. You can thank your daddy for those too!


About a week ago you also got to stay with your Poppa and Grammy for the first time. Momma and daddy went to dinner for our anniversary and you got to stay over while we celebrated four years of marriage! It was really hard for me to leave you. That isn’t the first time I’ve left you with someone, but it is the first time I left you with someone outside of our house! I told your daddy as we were driving away that my heart hurt. It really did. I was so incredibly sad to leave you. But, just a few hours later we picked you up and I was a happy momma again! I do not like leaving you. I absolutely hate it!


You’re growing out of your clothes faster than you can wear them! Most outfits you wear once and by the time we come back around to them, you’ve outgrown them. I sometimes don’t really realize how much you are growing until I put an outfit on you that was too big a week ago and now fits you quite snugly. Other times its when you’re nursing and I realize how heavy you are in my arms and how now I have to curve your little chunky legs around my waist so they aren’t hitting the armrest on the chair. I bought you an Easter outfit that was a size too big so you could wear it for longer. Well, when Easter came, it barely fit!! But, we got you in it and you looked adorable. Sometimes I’ll play the slideshow on my phone of all your pictures. That’s the one that brings me to tears. To see how much you’ve grown is just too much.

IMG_2939 IMG_3053

You really like your paci now. It’s hard for you to keep it in your mouth for a long time, but it stays there for a little while! Good thing you got momma to pop it back in. 🙂 Aunt Liz bought you a paci with a red puppy attached to it. It’s great because you wrap your little hands around it and it helps keep your paci in. Sometimes you’re even able to push it back in your mouth by yourself!

IMG_3034 IMG_2994

You got your first real bath by momma last week, too! We discovered it’s a good way to get you to relax and sleep so you’ve gotten one almost every night since then! You really like the water and you’re a happy baby while you’re in the bath, but not so happy when you get taken out! The good thing is, your unhappiness is short lived because as soon as we get to the changing table for diaper and jammies, you become mesmerized with daddy’s MST3K posters! Then you start talking and cooing and smiling at momma. When you get out of the bath, you’ve still got some curly hair. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a wavy headed kid! Just like your Cici!

IMG_3049 IMG_3004

I can’t wait for the summer so we can get you into our new pool. You are going to love it! I can’t wait to go for swims with you!

You still don’t sleep during the day much, but most nights you sleep like a champ! One night you slept over NINE hours!!! Then you ate and slept another 3! You may have slept longer if the doorbell hadn’t rung and woken you up, dadgummit.

We also tried the bumbo this week. Not a fan. You are not. a. fan. We’ll try again later!


We think it must be pretty crazy being Vivienne. It seems like every time you go to sleep, you wake up in a different place and in someone else’s arms. You are incredibly loved. I’ll be surprised if your feet ever touch the ground before you are five. You are a blessed little girl and I am one blessed momma.

I love you sweet girl,




This was the only picture I have of you and me from the last two weeks. ha! You’re mad.

Mimi love




Holding your head up like a champ!


Eating lunch with great-Papa


Play gym time! You’re liking the octopus

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