Dear Vivienne: You are 6 weeks old

I wrote this Wednesday, but my internet wouldn’t cooperate…so, here it is!

My sweet girl. You are 6 weeks old today! And what a marvelous six weeks it has been. I am tired, exhausted, more sleep deprived than I’ve been in my whole life, yet I can’t think of a better way to have spent the last 6 weeks! Here’s a picture of you and my midwife, Jean, on your six week birthday!


You sleep less during the day now. You nap for anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 1/2 hours usually. This sometimes leaves you fussy and grumpy which, in turn, makes me very grumpy and frustrated. Luckily, you are never really crying. You just whine or fuss. You rarely ever just cry. I am very thankful for that! White noise still works to soothe you about 90% of the time. We still get a kick out of it! 🙂 Everyone always says what a good baby you are…and you really are.  This week you have started sleeping in 3-4.5 hour blocks at night. Momma is so excited! God has blessed us with such a good baby girl. We are so lucky!

Mimi still gives you baths. One of the times I have really heard you wail, I was trying to give you a bath. I decided that Mimi is much better at that than me! You never cry when she gives you a bath, and you seem to really love the water! We can’t wait for summer to get you into a pool! I’m sure you will be a water baby just like momma!

This week your personality has really started to show itself! First thing in the morning, you love to lay in your play gym and look, kick and coo. You and I sit and “talk” for a while every morning! You usually tire of that after 15 or 20 minutes and then you like to sit in my lap and make faces. We smile back and forth and sometimes you give me your burrowed brow grumpy face or the most pitiful sad face on the planet!

You’re getting so strong this week! From day 1 you have preferred being held upright resting your head on our shoulder rather than being cradled. But now you’re sometimes even getting tired of that! Now you like to sit in my lap and look at me, make faces and lean against my knees. You’ve also started standing up in my lap! In the afternoon you do sets of squats in my lap. It’s a joke between you and me that I’m training you for Karen when you’re old enough for CrossFit. You’ll stand up…squat down…stand up….squat down. We’ll go through this routine several times before you tire of it. We’ll make sure you’re a pro at squats!

You’re more content when waking up these days as well. You nap in the living room on the footstool or the couch on your Woombie. We let you sleep on your belly during the day and now when you wake up you just lift your head up and look around until someone notices and picks you up. You’re almost propping yourself up on your elbows. It’s adorable, really. You only cry…or whine, really…if no one notices for a while (like THAT ever happens!).

You’ve started sleeping all over the place! (In your cradle, that is.) from day 2 you have rolled over on your right side and worked your way to the edge of the cradle. When you used to do that it would wake you up and you’d get mad because it was uncomfortable. Now, you’ll work your way to the right edge and back to your back again. Sometimes I wake up and you’re completely sideways in the cradle! We keep a small bin in the cradle that holds a change of diapers, wipes, changing pad, etc. but yesterday I noticed your feet are almost touching it… When we brought you home, you weren’t even close! I’m going to have to find a new place for it! My little baby is growing so fast…



It’s hard to remember just 4 weeks ago when you weren’t doing any of these things. I sometimes wish that I could just press a button and get any aged Vivienne I ask for. I want to go back and cuddle with my little 2 week old…but then I want to come right back and see my six week old’s beautiful gummy smile! It makes momma sad (I’m crying RIGHT NOW) that in another 4 weeks I am going to wish to go back to right now.

I spend every moment I can with you. We still rock to sleep every night and some nights you even get to sleep in bed with me if I’m is really tired. Even when you’re not in bed with me, you sleep mere inches from me in a cradle right next to the bed. That’s so I can reach down and give you kisses or hold your tiny little hand any time I wake up and want to see your sweet face or feel your little baby skin.

I love you so much, baby girl. Happy 6 weeks, my precious!




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