Vivienne: Week 5

Since she changes so much week-to-week, I feel compelled to write another “this week” post! She changes so much and so fast. It is unbelievable. Leighton uploaded all the pictures from our camera to his computer yesterday and I was nearly in tears watching the slideshow of them all. My little angel has grown so much and gotten so much bigger in the short five weeks she has been with us. It makes me happy and sad at the same time!

Well, here’s a recap of this week with miss Vivi…

Swinging is fun now!
Vivienne actually likes the swing now! Her vision has developed enough that she can now see the mirror and mobile above her swing, and she loves watching it! The swing has been quite helpful in entertaining her for the long stretches that she seems to be awake lately. Thank heaven for small miracles! She also likes us to stand up so she can stare at the ceiling fan. And that’s all she does. She just sits there and stares up at it. It doesn’t have to be turned on or anything! She just stares up at it! It’s really cute (unless you’re the one that has to hold her standing up…well…okay…it’s even cute then!). It doesn’t seem to rock her to sleep as well, but that’s okay! I’d still rather rock her sweet little face to sleep myself.

And so is the play gym!
We tried a couple of weeks ago to introduce her to her play gym. She was NOT having it! This week, I thought I’d break it out and try it again. Well, what do you know? She likes the play gym too! She stares at the big whale and the octopus for quite a while when she’s on it. This doesn’t entertain her quite as long as the swing, but it gives me about 10-15 minutes of hands-free time to run around the house and get some things done. She “talks” to us the most when she’s laying on it, too. I love to hear her little voice! We have another one that I’m going to open and let her play with this week to see how she likes that one. We’ll see!


Sleep? Notsomuch.
Vivi and I have been battling this week with her sleep. Her sleep has been very erratic and inconsistent. Luckily, the one thing that is consistent is she is almost always asleep at or by midnight and will wake for one feeding and then sleep until 6 or 7. Yesterday morning, she actually slept until almost 9! That was unusual, though. We have had several evenings where she is up from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. or midnight with either no sleep or maybe one or two 15-30 minute catnaps. Those days were very trying for me because not only was she not sleeping, she was fussy and irritable because she was TIRED! So it was hours of grumpy, fussy baby. Hopefully next week will be better.

Single mom? Not quite!
But I felt like it this week! Hubs left for his first long road trip since she was born. I have been very fortunate that up until now, his travel schedule for work has been extremely light. He has been able to be home with me most, if not all, of the week for her first 4 weeks and also the two weeks preceding her birth. Let me tell you. I have an all new level of respect for single and stay at home moms. Seriously. That’s hard work! Not that I didn’t know that before…but I just didn’t realize how much hard work!

My mom was a single mom raising me for many years. I’ve always loved, respected and admired her for what she sacrificed to raise me and give me what I needed as a child. Both as a single mom and, later, as a stay at home mom when she had my sisters. That woman is amazing. Seriously.

Being alone with baby is just so difficult when you’ve never done it before! And they’re so young! I’ve babysat and been able to multi-task just fine. However, these were older babies. Babies you could prop up on your hip or sit on the floor to follow you around. You just don’t realize how hard multi-tasking is when you have to cradle a baby rather than have them hip-ride. I don’t exactly remember but I’m pretty sure I didn’t shower for most of the week. I was thoroughly exhausted by the week’s end. I spent all Sunday at my mom’s house, and she took care of Vivienne while I got to relax and also take a pretty decently long nap! It was great! Finally, on Monday I decided I better shower before Leighton gets home. Ha! So, I put her on her Woobmie (the totally amazing, wonderful, awesome, great portable bed she sleeps in during the day), put it in the middle of my bed and put the video monitor on her. I then propped up the monitor where I could see it from the shower. I probably popped my head out 20 times during my 10 minute shower JUST to make sure she was breathing!! I don’t know how single moms stay clean! Seriously! Anyway…mad props to you ladies. Mad, mad props.

Cradle sleep…
On Wednesday, I was finally able to put her to sleep in her cradle alone and leave the room and actually let her sleep there. Last week we tried it, but she just cried, and cried and we ended up getting her up and putting her to bed in the living room with us. (we were still up) But tonight when she woke up for her first feeding of the night (which I consider any feeding after 7 p.m.), as she was waking up but still not fully awake, I took her into the bedroom and changed and nursed her in the dark like we do for middle of the night feedings. After she ate and burped, she went back to sleep and I was able to put her in her cradle and leave the room. That was around 10:30 and it’s 12:20 and she’s still sleeping in there alone. Way to go, Vivi! (side note: why am I still up???) I think we’re going to start doing this for evening feedings and maybe she’ll go to bed better! However, it’s not morning yet…hopefully because she went to bed earlier, her 6-7a wake time doesn’t turn into a 4-5a wake time. (P.S. I’m editing this the next day and it did NOT result in an earlier wake time! wahoo!)

Her first iPhone
Yes. My 5-week-old baby now has her very own iPhone! Haha! Now, before you go all crazy on me, let me explain. My baby girl…my sweet, dear baby girl sometimes will not stop fussing. Sometimes it is that she hates her car seat more than anything on this planet. Then other times she’s so sleepy but fights it hard. She will not take a paci without it being forced on her and even when she does, you have to hold it in her mouth for her because she sucks on it like she nurses which pushes it out of her mouth. We have found that LOUD white noise settles her down! I’ve tried buying the baby white noise machines, but they are just not loud enough to settle her. Wherever the sound is coming from, it’s got to be louder than her cry and these don’t even come close. However, we’ve got a white noise app on our phones that quiets her down almost instantly nearly every time. And if she’s really, really tired, it puts her out like a light. The bad thing is that sometimes if you take it away once she’s settled down or asleep, she almost instantly gets upset again. So this leaves either Leighton or I without use of our phone for the duration of the incident or, if we’re in the car, forces us to listen to static radio for the entire car ride. Now, I know that these are totally #firstworldproblems but I had a friend with an old iPhone who said she would sell it to us! We had even joked about buying her an iPod touch before! Now while we wouldn’t have seriously spent $200-400 on an electronic device for my newborn baby, I’m okay with buying a used, old iPhone for WAY less! So, technically, my girl has her first iPhone. Ha! It’s a pretty boring phone, though. All it’s got is a white noise app and a baby tracking app. LOL


Those were the main things going on this week. A few other little things…

Baby talks…She’s certainly “talking” to us more these days. It’s not a lot but it’s a lot more than before! Her voice is so sweet. She just coos and ahs at you. It’s really an amazing thing to hear.

Baby acne…I was hoping she wouldn’t get a bout of baby acne, but looks like the acne fairy did not skip my baby girl! It came on with a vengeance this week. Luckily by weeks end it has cleared up a lot. It really was only bad for about 2 days.

Easter…I got crafty and made Vivienne an Easter basket I hope she’ll be able to use for several years. I travelled the metroplex to find a few certain items I wanted to put in it for her, and I found most of them, (but not all 😦 ) and now she’s got a super cute Easter basket for her first Easter! (And no, it’s not from the Easter bunny. It’s from mom…who scoured the Earth looking for the things I put in it!! Haha!)



Standing…Vivi likes to stand on our laps now. She was doing it a little bit before but only for a couple of seconds. Now she sticks out her legs and stands in our lap (while holding her, of course!) looking at things around her. I can’t believe how big and strong she is getting!!

And to my Vivi…

Happy five weeks, my sweet Vivienne! Six weeks ago I couldn’t imagine my life with you in it. Now, I cannot possibly imagine my life without you. I thank God that he has blessed me with such a good natured, sweet, calm baby. I am so blessed by you and everything you are. I do not deserve such a sweet baby. I love watching you grow and learn. You are such an amazing baby, Vivi. I love you so, so very much!




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