Dear Vivienne: You are one month old…

Dear Vivienne,

Happy one month birthday, my sweet girl. Momma loves you so very much. I’m crying my eyes out so much right now that I can barely see my computer screen. I simply cannot believe it has been a month since you were born! My heart is bursting full of joy because I have you in my life. It’s only been 4 weeks and I simply cannot imagine my life without you in it. You are my pride and my joy.

I love kissing your sweet little fingers and toes. I kiss your cheeks so much that it would be impossible to count the times in a day. I just love the time I get to spend with you. One of my favorites is after you nurse and burp, I prop you up on my knees and we just look at each other. You stare at me pretty intensely. My books say you are memorizing my face. Your big gray eyes just look and look. We’ll talk for a bit and sometimes you’ll even start to mimic my facial expressions. Then you yawn (so cute!) and start to get tired and I rock you to sleep on my shoulder. Next to nursing, that is my favorite thing to do. Rock my baby girl to sleep. You don’t like to be cradled and fuss and push away when you are…so we rock you while you lay on our chest or shoulder. After you’ve fallen asleep I’ll sneak you back into a cradle in my arms so I can watch your little angel face while you sleep.

You’ve changed your momma in ways you couldn’t imagine. Before I had you, I could never imagine being a stay at home mom. I thought by the end of my six-week maternity leave I would be ready to go back to work. Now that I have you, I’m waiting for someone to write us a check to pay off the house so I don’t have to work anymore and I can stay at home all day with you! Unfortunately, the bank says we have to pay them if we want to have a roof over our heads. Such a shame! 🙂

Your daddy gets up with you every morning (when he is in town) so I can sleep in for a few more hours. He usually dresses you in your most boring outfits so later in the day I have to change you into a much cuter one! I mean, we only have 800 outfits to choose from! You’ll learn that men do that. They’re just practical! An outfit is an outfit. It shouldn’t matter which one, right?? 🙂 When I wake up a few hours after your daddy takes you, I usually come into the living room to you and daddy snoozing on the couch together. Sometimes you’re fussy and ready to eat and he’s bouncing you up and down around the living room trying to give me just a few more minutes of shut eye before I have to get up and face the day. Such a great man, your daddy is. I can only hope and pray that you one day find a man that is as good and generous and kind-hearted as your daddy is. He loves you so incredibly much. Sometimes he looks at you and he still can’t quite believe that you are here and you are ours. He’s so proud to be your daddy.

Vivi, I just love your personality and I love the faces you create and the sounds you make. You keep us entertained and giggling all day long. Even when you’ve been fussing all day, we find moments in the day that you give us that little relief and giggle that we need.  We constantly have our iPhones on alert for photos and videos to snap of you. I’m surprised you don’t think your mom and dad are the backs of black and white iPhones! Currently, I’ve got 400 photos and 42 videos of you on my phone. And that’s JUST on my phone! I’ve even taken a few off! This does not count the photos that your daddy has, nor the photos on our digital camera! We just cannot get enough of you. You give us new levels of cuteness every single day.

You have so many people around you that love you dearly. Hardly a day goes by that a Mimi, Grandma, Great-Grandma, Papa, Poppa, Grammy, Doogie, Cici or a Lili doesn’t stop by to see your precious face. You are the first child, grandchild and great-grandchild and it shows! We simply cannot get enough.

I hope month two lasts much, much longer than month one. Time is going by way too fast! I love you so much, my sweet girl. I hope you always remember that. Always.

Love Always,

Momma ❤

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