Vivienne Emma-Leigh

She is finally here! My baby girl has arrived!! Life is good.

One week ago yesterday, we headed to the birth center and four hours after arriving (yes, four) I was holding my baby girl in my arms. My heart is forever wrapped around this little girl’s finger.

Vivienne Emma-Leigh was born on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 7:45 p.m. after 7 hours and 15 minutes of labor. She was 9 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches long with a full head of dark brown hair. And yes, I stuck with the midwife and no, there was no pain medication involved and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! The experience at the birth center was phenomenal. I am absolutely thrilled we stuck with our decision to birth there. Our birth team was amazing and I could not have done it without each and every one of them. I’ll go more into the birth story in a separate post. We were able to leave and take our baby girl home at 12:30 a.m. and I could not get home fast enough! I couldn’t wait to get into my own bed and cuddle with my brand new baby girl. Yet another reason I’m so glad we went with a birthing center!

After bringing her home, it was nearly impossible to put her down. I didn’t want her to feel abandoned and alone after being out of the womb for only 7 hours! Vivienne ended up sleeping with us (things you say you’ll never do as a parent #354) that night because we were just too exhausted to figure out how to get her to sleep and there is absolutely no way I was going to let her cry herself to sleep. Leighton and I didn’t move an inch that night and baby girl let us sleep a full 7 hours!! We definitely needed the rest after all the excitement of the last 24 hours.  When I woke up, Vivi was wide awake and just looking around at her momma, daddy and her new home. No crying or fussing…just looking and observing. I already felt blessed beyond measure for being given such a calm, quiet baby.

Since then, we (well, I) have had a couple of sleepless nights (nights 2 and 3) due to baby girl cluster feeding but the other nights we have fallen into a better routine and I’ve actually gotten a good 5-8 hours of (non-consecutive) sleep. Much of that is thanks to my husband who has embraced fatherhood like a champ.  He stays up late with her and then takes her after her morning feeding so I can get a few extra hours of sleep. He cares for her like he’s been around kids his whole life (which he hasn’t!). He will be a part-time stay at home dad when I go back to work and I have absolutely no fears about him being able to handle it 100%. We are very fortunate that his job gives him the ability to stay home with her several days a week. Even though he has to be gone a few days a week, I think his time spent with her while he is here will still be more than if he was working a regular 8 to 5 job!

I have been incredibly blessed to have him home full time since she’s been born. I’ll continue to get him nearly full time until the middle of March because they only have one show per week for the next three weeks. For that, I am eternally grateful. Today will be his first day away from home. He’ll only be gone about 12 or 13 hours, but I’m scared! He’s such a huge help. He changes poopie diapers, burps her, rocks her to sleep and anything else he can do, he does it. He doesn’t even complain when he has to get up early to burp and entertain her while I get a few more hours of shuteye!

Our girl grows and changes daily. I cry almost every day at how fast the time is going by. I know it has only been one week but it feels like 3 days! Time is flying by. She has so many little quirks that we just love, love, love!

  • She’s a snorter. Definitely a snorter. While sleeping, nursing, burping and hiccupping you can count on hearing quite a few snorts here and there and they are so tiny and hilarious!
  • She hiccups after every feeding. Every one. But, it doesn’t seem to bother her so that’s good!
  • She has such curious eyes and she did from the moment she was born. The moment they laid her on my chest she was wide eyed and inspecting the world around her. She also goes cross-eyed a lot, which also gives us a good laugh!
  • She’s not fussy and she’s not whiny. If she cries, she needs to be fed, changed or she’s cold. We have yet to have a time (knock on wood) that we’ve not been able to quickly find the problem and console her.
  • She has crazy dreams and I love to watch her sleep. She smiles, frowns, puckers up and makes generally funny faces and eye movements while she’s sleeping. It’s great entertainment, really. I could watch her for hours. And I sometimes do.
  • She’s got lobster toes. Not monkey toes. Lobster toes. And those babies could definitely reach out and grab you! I love it. They are even the wallpaper on my phone. That is how much I love those toes.
  • She nurses like a champ. One of my biggest concerns while I was pregnant was if I would be able to nurse her or not. Well, lucky me because the second she found her way there, she latched on and nursed like she had been doing it for years. I am very, very lucky.
  • On that note, she many times nurses so fast, she chokes herself. I have to slow her down! But that’s only at first. About halfway through, she nurses with the urgency of a sloth. Srsly.

I could write about her for days…but I won’t, for now. I’ll save some material for later!

Well, what they say is true. You don’t know true, unconditional love until you’ve experienced a love for your child. She couldn’t be more perfect and I could not be luckier to have been chosen as her momma. God sent me a good one. I thank Him every day for giving me my sweet Vivienne.


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