December Update!

Um…I wrote this in December!! Apparently I never hit Publish. Ah well, here it is anyway!

Wow! Finally time to update the b.l.o.g.!  I’ve been meaning to for quite some time but things have been hectic and extremely busy around here!  However, with all this world ending talk…I sure would hate for my last blog post to be the depressing one I left you with in September.  Gross!! So here’s a new one for you plus some updates!

The good news is that almost immediately after airing out all of my feelings, I felt WAY better!! From that point on, my feelings and attitude turned a 180. I’ve just let a lot of the stress go. Stress does not help anything so I’ve done my best to just let it go and not worry about it.  Things will be what they will be…and will turn out how they will turn out! And I’m completely happy and content with that.

With that being said…updates!


  • It’s still been pretty easy on me. Thank the good Lord for that! I really have very few complaints other than my back hurting occasionally, my sciatic nerve problems are flaring up again and I find it hard to sleep more than 6ish hours because my hips end up hurting from laying on them so much! 
  • No food issues at this point for the most part. I had an aversion to meat in the beginning but now, I am pretty much back to normal. Sometimes I can’t sit and eat a steak but now, as long as the meat is part of a dish, I don’t have any issues eating.
  • Still no cravings to speak of. Leighton has had to make zero 3 a.m. trips to Tom Thumb for ice cream and pickles!
  • I do like sweets more than I ever have in my life. I am not a sweets person at all but I really find myself liking ice cream (really only Marble Slab with bananas and strawberries) and sometimes cookies. I’m hoping this goes away after the baby’s born.  I like it that I don’t like sweets!! 🙂
  • Midwife says everything is going along normally and still have nothing on the radar that I need to worry about. Baby has been strong, moving, good heartbeat, good sonogram, good blood work…all good.  She even said that many of my vitamin levels that are usually very low in pregnant women are in a great high range in my blood work. (AND I’ve taken maybe 10 prenatal vitamins the entire pregnancy) So that’s awesome. I’m really not purposely NOT taking them…I’m just really bad at remembering to take pills.
  • I hadn’t been sick my entire pregnancy until Christmas Day. The good thing is, the bad part really only lasted about 48 hours. I had a fever, but it never got crazy high. It was really, really hard though not to go grab my TheraFlu and down a cup! I did good though and I just rested, drank lots of water and ate lots of soup! I still have a cough and a little congestion but I am all better for the most part!
  • I haven’t been eating as healthy as I’ve wanted to but what can you do? The past is the past! The good thing is, I am still well within my healthy range for weight gain in the pregnancy. I still have about 13 lbs that I’d have to gain to be out of the healthy range. I don’t think I’ll gain that much in just the few weeks I have left! I am going to do a Whole30 in January, though, to finish off my pregnancy. I’m pretty excited about that. I want my body to be in tip top shape for the birth and I can’t think of any better way than eating healthy for a month!!


  • No, we don’t have a name yet. And…let’s face it…we may not until after she’s born!
  • Our nursery hasn’t even been started and we are only ~5 weeks away from D-Day. And I’m not even worried.
  • We virtually have nothing that we “need” for the baby. I use the term “need” loosely.  We have diapers, wipes, newborn outfits, 0-3 outfits and a bassinet. I mean, we have other things…but as far as essentials…that’s what we have. Sometimes when I think about it, it is overwhelming to think of everything we are missing but, it will all work out I’m sure!
  • I absolutely LOVE going to Buy Buy Baby. That store is simply amazing!! I don’t even have to buy anything to have fun there!
  • My early labor fears have passed. I was really scared I might go into premature labor for whatever reason and really, it could still happen. However, I am reassured by the fact that at this point in pregnancy, both of my sisters had already been born and, even though it wasn’t easy, they are both just fine and developed normally! (side note: it’s really scary to think that some people elect to induce this early to fit some “schedule” they need to work around. Absolutely terrifying.)


  • Leighton still works for Casey Donahew Band and is doing some other freelance things on the side when he’s not on the road. He is still loving it and he really is working for some good people. He gets treated right and they are very generous with time off and also working with us when Leighton needs off unexpectedly. Couldn’t ask for much better! It will be hard at first when he has to go back out on the road after the baby is here but, in the end, he will actually probably be home more hours in a week than a dad working a typical 40 hour a week job!
  • I am still working for Paychex but this year I was fortunate enough to receive a promotion back in October!  I have moved from the Operations department as a Client Trainer training our new clients on our payroll software into a new position in our Sales department.  I am not a sales person, rather, I demonstrate our software to prospective clients and I am also the technical guru for when client’s have technical questions about our software, interfacing or custom reporting or requests. This new position allows lots of flexibility with where and when I work (I can do some of it from home!) and it is much more challenging than my last position, which I love. I feel like every day I learn so much more and every day a new challenge is thrown my way for me to work out.  I also work with some really great colleagues. They’re a fun and energetic group of people for sure.

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