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So this week has been about the same since the last post. For the most part anyway… 🙂

The Good

  • No cravings. I mean, nothing out of the ordinary of a normal human being.
  • Still don’t need maternity clothes
  • All of my family is currently back on American soil (for the next week or two, at least!)

The Bad

  • Things that disgust me at the very thought:
    • Rosa’s (or any Mexican food for that matter)
    • Cane’s chicken
    • Chicken in general
    • Steak
    • Well…any slab of meat
  • I’m incredibly and unceasingly tired. As in…I’m standing, having a conversation, and pretty sure I could fall asleep any second. In fact, I almost fell asleep more times than I can count in the latest Batman movie. Which, as my husband can attest to, was ridiculously loud. I mean…RIDIK.

The Ugly

  • Hunger comes on something fierce! Like, one minute, happy peppy JL…next minute…GET OUT OF MY WAY. It is … really … annoying.
  • All I dream about is baby girls. >:-|

So, that’s the pregnancy update. Not much of an update for that.

On to life…

I’ve re-discovered how much I dearly, dearly love to read cookbooks. And how much of a joy cooking is to me. I started thumbing through an old vegetarian cookbook I have looking for ideas and read through some of my notes and it just reminded me how fun it was teaching myself to cook and learning my way around a kitchen. Trying new things, new creations and new disasters each week. It’s exciting and fun.

I need to get back on track with my reading this year! I’m a little behind, but not too much. I should be caught up in no time.

This Friday I’m running in the Chupacabra 5k night run in the woods in San Antonio. This will be the second time we’ve participated in this run and it is oh-so-fun! I am totally stoked. On top of that, we will get to visit my most favorite spice shop, Savory Spice Shop! It.just.cannot.be.beat. Cannot. We may even take a little float down the river if we have time. And of course there will be cupcakes!

I’ve started re-reading The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer. Such an amazing book. It will change your life. Seriously.

Well, that’s it!

2 thoughts on “Update | Miscellaneous | Nothing Special

  1. I meant to ask you last time we talked, how many weeks are you?

    So excited for you guys, I LOVED being pregnant. Don’t miss all the rude comments on my birth plan (“really, a mid-wife? but a doctor will be there, right?” UGH!) and strangers trying to touch my belly, everything else I miss!

    Strangers touching belly advice – unbelievably strangers, especially old women, will reach out to touch and rub your baby belly when it starts to really come out. As they were reaching out to touch my belly, I reached out and touched theirs. They glared at me like I was crazy and I would say “Really uncomfortable for a stranger to touch your belly, isn’t it?”

    You can’t really teach everyone manners, but at least these few people might think twice about trying to touch another mothers’ baby belly. And it was fun for me to see the look of shock on their faces.

    Hugs and we need to get together, especially show Leighton the floors!

  2. I’m 16 weeks now. 🙂 Leighton actually told me to just grab their crotch if they touched me. haha…i think I may!!

    And yes…let’s do!!

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