WOD 2.27.12

I posted an update of Facebook the other day with my workout. I was so proud of how I did and the effort I put into it.  I mean, honestly, big picture…I didn’t do that great. However, it was my mindset and the push and the drive that was in me during this WOD that made me giddy after the workout. So giddy, I felt like skipping out the door!

The workout of the day was… (my weights, mods are in bold)

A. Touch and Go squat cleans 3 x 10 (build in weight)  (60#, 65#, 75#)

B. 3 rounds for time

30 weighted lunges (plate overhead) (15#)
30 hand release push-ups (knees)
30 one arm dumbbell snatch (15 reps per arm) (10#)
100m run

C. Weighted Plank hold – 2 min (15# plate, 0:35, 0:30, 0:30, 0:25)

via CrossFit Flower Mound: Monday, February 27th.

I LOVE the work we did with squats last month!! I did pretty good WHEN I remembered to keep my shoulders back. Last set was rough and hard but I finished. I’m really progressing in leaps and bounds (…literally…) since I’ve been back from my 2 month hiatus. My cleans, from just two skill sessions, have improved tenfold. Who knew that nearly my entire problem with cleans resided in my shoulders??? My shoulders!!! Since I’ve been pulling back with my shoulders…cleans and I have become friends. We’re not BFF’s yet, but at least we’re past the frenemies stage.

I finished the met-con in 16:41. Not an impressive time, BUT I sprinted every.single.run (which I’ve never done in a workout) and I blasted through the dumbbell snatches. I probably should have done a heavier weight on the snatches but it would have made that plate carry even worse than it already was. The lunges are where I suffered. The actual lunge wasn’t so difficult, it was having to keep the plate overhead that was so hard.

Cash out was okay. Tried to do two sets at 1 minute each but my shoulders just weren’t having it so I ended with 0:30 sets +/- 0:05.

I finished out my day with a super set of 3 x 5 half-pull ups (that’s what I call them. I’m just working on my kip) and 3 x 5 strict, hard ring rows. Pull ups, here I come!! My kip has drastically improved over the last month.

Well, there you have it! Sorry it’s so late…but…at least I wrote it! 🙂 More soon!


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