New Year’s Resolutions: Reclaim My Body

Earlier this month I made a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  This is the fourth installment of several that will be detailing my goals.

Did you know that your body is a temple (1 Cor. 6:19-20)? And did you know that by filling it with crap food and treating it like garbage that you are doing yourself and your God a disservice?



You are. 

Last year I started the year off strong and healthy. But as the year progressed, I slowly fell out of good habits and back into old habits. Why? Because I got lazy and I started making lame excuses for what I was doing to myself and my body.

This year, I reclaim my body. Inside and out.


I want to eat cleaner for longer than I did last year. Within the last year I’ve eaten better than I ever have in my entire life. I want to continue that this year but I want to do much better. I’d like my diet to be about 80/20 or 90/10 paleo and last year out of the whole year I’d guess it was about 60/40. That just won’t do. My body deserves to be treated better than that, and I plan on doing so.


So, paleo takes care of the inside so what about the outside? I pay a pretty little fee to my CrossFit gym every month in order to attend up to 5 classes per week. On a good week I am in the gym 3 days. THREE days! That is ridiculous and I know I can do better than that. But, like I said, I started making lame excuses to get out of going to the gym and I got lazy. I didn’t really start to notice the effects until some of the workouts and CF totals we did in the last couple of months of 2011. Everything was leveling off. I didn’t get any worse but I certain didn’t get any better. It’s time to get better, y’all.


So, going with making the outside better…I am the worst at actually taking the time to care for my skin. Especially when it comes to my face. I’m notorious for going to bed several nights in a row not washing my face (don’t hate, you’ve done it too). For several months prior to my wedding in 2009 I religiously cared for my face in skin. Result? Radiant, glowing, flawless skin on my wedding day. In fact, I had gotten my skin to the point where I really didn’t even need to wear anything day-to-day except a little powder, mascara and lip gloss. This year I’ll be back to that thanks to miss Jamie Mullins getting me hooked up with some awesome Mary Kay! I can’t wait to not have to put on makeup everyday…

So that’s it for number four. See you for number five in a couple of days!

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