New Year’s Resolutions: CrossFit Goals

Earlier this week I made a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  This is the third installment of several that will be detailing my goals.

I started CrossFit about a year and a half ago. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made! This year I would like to set some goals for myself. Last year, I don’t feel like I made very much progress because I had no real goal in mind. This year, I’ve set goals so that I have something to strive for in the upcoming year. I’ve spoken with Dave and hopefully these are reasonable goals for the next year…

Improve CrossFit: clean, press, row, run, pull

Clean 115 lbs. (current clean: 100#)

I’d like to get my clean over 115#. I’ve been stuck right at 100 or 105 for a little over a year now. It’s time to get over that hump and get to 115!

These aren’t very good squat cleans…but…you get the point!

Press 120 lbs. (current press: 105#)

The same problem I have with my cleans, I have with my press. So, yea. Need to get that one up. Kinda like this lady.  Except she’s awesomer because she’s 20 wks pregnant!

Row 500m sub 1:55 (current 500m row: 2:02)

Well, that about says it all.

I’m not sure why people video themselves rowing but…works for me! Since I needed a video. LOL

Run: Run a sub 7:30 minute mile (current mile: 9:02)

Pretty self-explanatory and I hope you don’t need a video for this.  And I know that this is pretty dang slow but…I’m really slow because this is cutting a minute and a half off of my current mile time. So…yea…

Pull: Do a kipping pull-up with no assistance (current pull-up: assistance with green band)

I’ve never done a pull-up without assistance. And I’d like to do that. I’d like to at least do one!! So, come December 31, hopefully I can make that happen. 🙂

That’s it for CrossFit. Did you set any fitness goals?  What are they?

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