Old Years 2011

Well, it’s not new years…so…it’s old years!  It’s time for the wrap up of 2011 New Years resolutions.  I was determined to keep myself accountable this year and I did!!  I did post a mid-year update in May to give you and myself a little progress report.  For the most part I was doing pretty well.  I actually finished out the year mostly meeting my goals. In case you forgot, here’s a recap of my goals.

1. Complete the Whole30 challenge twice.  (getting a head start.  starting my second (ever) and first (of the new year) whole30 on tuesday.  yes…i’ve given in to peer pressure.)

2. Read one book a month. (this will be tough. however, i got my swanky ipad for my birthday so i gotta make good use of it! i’m off to a good start…i’m halfway through two books already)

3. Post more recipes and my experiences with them. (not specific enough? dang.) Post at least one new recipe a week.

4. In that case, that means I must TRY one new recipe a week. (i can handle that.)

5. Participate in one CrossFit competition. (not because i think i will win or because i think i will be good at it…but because they will give me something to strive for athletically)

6. Pursue my career goal.via New Years 2011 « Adventures in Jennileeland.

  1. Did it. Although they were not fun and I was not prepared for either well enough to get the results I wanted but…I still did them. That’s all that matters.
  2. I actually did this!! I’ve read 18 books so far and I think I’ll finish another 1 or 2 before Friday! This will make 19 or 20! wahoo!! I haven’t read this much in YEARS and it feels great!! I read the first 4 Harry Potter books, the first two Hunger Games books, three cookbooks (Paleo Comfort Foods, Everyday Paleo, Skinny Italian) and almost a third (Well-Fed), two books on tape (Little Women and Time Travelers Wife), all three The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books, Water for Elephants, a book about sewing and Intimate Issues. I’m currently nearly done with Waiter Rant and Well-Fed. If you want to follow my books I’m reading, or track your own, check out Goodreads!! (www.goodreads.com)
  3. Well, I didn’t get one new one a week BUT I did try a lot of new recipes and I did actually post a lot of them.
  4. Well, I didn’t necessarily try one new one a week but there were weeks I tried several so I’d safely say I’ve gotten well over 52 in for the year.
  5. Did it.  Cupid’s Challenge.  Read about it here. I also participated in the CrossFit Lewisville’s Turkey Burpee which isn’t so much a competition as just a super intense workout. But, aside from the competitions, I started doing something I never would. I started doing Mud Runs!  This year I participated in three and loved them all. Next year my options will still be limited because of our tight budget but I will still work at least two in! (Beachpalooza and the Chupacabra!)
  6. Still in progress… (This stuff takes time!!! 🙂 )

Well, I know you’re super excited to have me back to blogging again so I hope most of you stuck around during my hiatus and join me for a great 2012!  I’ll be posting New Years 2012 goals soon, plus some updates on what’s been going on!


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