Friday Series: Making a Better Me (part 4)

The last three Fridays and for the next two Fridays, I’ll be posting on this topic.  Enjoy!!

I recently read a post by The Clothes Make the Girl about bettering yourself. It inspired me to create my own! Her inspiration was originally driven from 5 Body Image Quick Fixes.  It’s really easy for me to get down on myself and to not see the great person that I’ve become.  I hide behind all of the stupid petty ridiculous imperfections I see in myself.  Hopefully this will become good therapy for me! ;)

The list is…

You can create a list of:

Five things you love about yourself. (read my list here)
Five things your body can do. (read my list here)
Five things you’re grateful for. (read my list here)
Five things that make you happy you’re alive.
Five people who you love (pets included!).

via 5 Body Image Quick Fixes | Weightless.

Now its time for the fourth “Five Things.”

Five things that make me happy I’m alive.

Texas Heat.  I loooove Texas.  And, with that, I love the Texas heat.  I once spent two miserable, horrible weeks in Rochester, NY during the winter. I was miserable, grumpy and sick of it by day two. Warm temperatures make me feel happy, alive, invigorated…and…regardless of what I may say at the time, I’d rather work out in the heat than the cold. (except running…) I’m probably the only person in the state that’s sad to see temperatures dropping next week. Anything below 75 makes this girl sad.  Needless to say, I’ll be lapping up the last few weeks of hot temperatures and mourning the end of summer.

Dear Mother Nature,

Let’s not have a repeat of last winter.  You’re giving us Texans a bad rep with all that snow you dumped on us last year. Actually, we look like a bunch of silly kids slipping and sliding all over the place.  Let’s have a nice, mild winter with just enough freezing temps to kill the summer bug eggs.  Anyway, thanks for the summer, but please send some rain!


The Beach. Well, this is a given for me.  If I weren’t so terrified of hurricanes, I’d have a nice, yummy, beachfront house and I’d spend all my time there. There’s nothing better than digging your toes in the sand and feel the ocean waves lap at your ankles. My husband goes to the coast quite often with his job and every time I’m just appalled that he’s literally thisclose to the beach and never even steps foot on it!  It baffles me. I’m never happier than when I’m relaxing on the beach listening to the ocean.

Dreams. And I don’t mean the dreams you have at night. I mean I can dream.  I can make a wish list of things I want or I want to do and at some point, I will have the opportunity to achieve most every one. Most of the time, the only thing keeping us from achieving our dreams is ourselves and in my situation, that’s most certainly been the case. Anything that I am not or anything I have not achieved is all on me. But that’s changing! 🙂 Either way, I live in a country, in a state, in a city, in a house that I can dream and most of my dreams can be realistically achieved. This really makes me happy I’m alive.

Dave Ramsey. Well, not really Dave Ramsey, rather, what he preaches. Because of what he teaches and what we learned, my husband and I are fortunate enough to be virtually debt free. I was miserable when we were literally throwing half of what we made (more than half if you include the mortgage!) into debt payments.  That’s truly a miserable existence. I’m lucky enough now to have gotten myself out of the hole I was in and come out on top.

Music. I love music. Not in the same way my husband loves music, but I love music. I love driving down the road and belting out Metric or Lady Gaga at the top of my lungs like nobody’s listening (because they aren’t). Nothing’s more fun than that. And life would be boring without good music and good musicians. I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by so much talent that our little friend circle is exploding with musical genius. Between the musicians, singers, engineers, writers and so on…we’re pretty lucky people!

So, what five things make you happy you’re alive??

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Thanks for reading!  ~*~JL~*~

5 thoughts on “Friday Series: Making a Better Me (part 4)

  1. I love this list! Especially the music part. 🙂 And you’re a Scorpio…you need the beach/large bodies of water for your sanity. I’m proud of you for taking the step to make your dreams come true. We (Lu and I) believe in you! ❤

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