Workout: CrossFit Denton County Total

Thursday’s workout was as follows…

CrossFit Denton County Total

Find your 1 Rep Max in the:
Front Squat
Push Press

*Find your “total” by adding the three lifts together. Make sure you write these numbers down, you will need them!

Compare to April 25, 2011.

via CrossFit Denton County.

CrossFit Denton County Total is the same concept as the CrossFit Total, just different lifts.

I was dreading this a little, considering how horrible I did on the CrossFit Total a couple weeks ago…

However, since failing so miserable during the CFT, I realized how much my attendance (or lack thereof) has been affecting me strength-wise in my performance so I have been coming much more regularly since then.  Plus, this time I really took the time to do some good warmups and I think my head was in a much better place.  I was really focused on the lift and I had a little more try in me than I did during the CFT.  This time I had a partner which I think helped as well.

My previous maxes were 130 – 90 – 100 (CFDC total = 320)

Front squat was first.  I started with warmups of 5 reps at 60# and another set at 80#.  Then a set of 3 reps at 100#.  We started our first max attempt at 120 (I started so low because after the last total, I was sure I’d lose strength on this one too).  It was pretty easy (for a 1 rep, that is) so I was excited to move up.  I moved up to 130, nailed it (barely) and failed at 135# 3 times.  This is what frustrates me about 1 rep max’s.  What’s 5 more pounds?? And why can’t I lift just 5 more stinkin’ pounds???  Anyway…1RM for front squat ended at 130 (+5).

Moving on to push press, I consider this lift a particular strength of mine. I think I am good at them and I never feel like I have a problem with form. I was really, really hoping to move up significantly here. Did one warmup set at 5 reps at 45# then two three rep sets at 65# and 85#.  I started my first attempt at 95# and…Success!  Then I tried 115# and I failed twice.  I dropped the weight to 105# and barely completed the lift, but I got it.  1RM for push press ended at 105 (+15).

Cleans were last and they are quite possibly the worst movement for me.  I’m incredibly bad at them and I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever done 10 correctly in my life. I just have a problem getting under the bar quickly enough and I end up curling the weight rather than getting my elbows up and under the weight quickly.  Dave assured me, though, that we would have plenty of clean practice in the next few weeks (yess!!).  Anyway, I did just a few warmup reps for cleans because I was already pretty warmed up from the other lifts.  I got to 90# pretty easily and then barely got 100#.  Then I tried 110# and failed. I went down to 105#, failed once, then tried again right after and got it.  However, I know it wasn’t exactly a correct movement. I probably could have gotten 110 had I been lifting correctly and not trying to curl the weight up.  1RM for cleans ended at 105 (+5)

New maxes: 130 – 105 – 105 (CFDC Total = 340) (+20#!!)

All in all, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made on these lifts.  I wish I’d have increased a little more on the front squat and the cleans but I’m still happy that I went UP and not DOWN! 🙂


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