Friday Series: Making a Better Me (part 2)

Last Friday and for the next four Fridays, I’ll be posting on this topic.  Enjoy!!

I recently read a post by The Clothes Make the Girl about bettering yourself. It inspired me to create my own! Her inspiration was originally driven from 5 Body Image Quick Fixes.  It’s really easy for me to get down on myself and to not see the great person that I’ve become.  I hide behind all of the stupid petty ridiculous imperfections I see in myself.  Hopefully this will become good therapy for me! 😉

The list is…

You can create a list of:

Five things you love about yourself. (read my list here)
Five things your body can do.
Five things you’re grateful for. (read my list here)
Five things that make you happy you’re alive. (read my list here)
Five people who you love (pets included!).

via 5 Body Image Quick Fixes | Weightless.

Now its time for the second “Five Things.”

Five things my body can do

Handshake – I’ve always been proud of my handshake.  The limp handshake is something that too many women suffer from.  I learned this early on from our basketball coaches in high school.  They taught the team to have a good firm handshake and it has carried with me into my adulthood.  I can’t count the times people who have said to me (surprised) “Wow, that’s a great handshake!”  I can’t stand it when I go to shake someone’s hands and you end up with a hand full of limp fingers rather than a good, firm handshake. Don’t hand me your fingers.  This is not 1860 and I’m not going to kiss your hand.  Perk up and shake like a man (or a really badace woman!).



Lift (like a woman) – speaking of man…I can lift like one too. And with better form and efficiency than most.  Ok, so maybe not exactly.  I cannot lift as much as most men…but I’ll bet I can lift more than some. And I’ll bet I lift better than a lot.  When I walk into 24 hour fitness (which is rare…but my membership is practically free so…why not once in a while? Plus they have yoga!) I’m not afraid to go lift with the boys.  That section of the gym is so testosterone-filled and estrogen-lacking that they need a good woman in their midst once in a while!  CrossFit has taught me that lifting is okay and I can deadlift, clean, jerk, snatch, push press and thrust with the best of them.  <—– ALL girl vids 😉

Shake it – I can shake it on the dance floor like nobody’s business!  It may not be a cute shake, or a rhythmic shake…but its a shake.  And it’s fun!  It always takes me back to the days of dancing in clubs at Texas Tech (guns up!) or here locally at the Jungle.  What fun times we had!!  It’s pretty satisfying to go home barefoot (because your feet hurt so bad from the heels!) and smiling!

Run – You know what I can do?  I can run.  Like…a 5k.  I’ve never been able to say that in my entire life.  Not only can I run a 5k, but I can do it in the dark.  And with obstacles. And in the sand.  I am not a fan of running.  I detest it.  However, when I finish running, I am so proud of myself I can barely stand it.  I find myself skipping workouts with running and then seriously regretting it later (sorry Nancy…).

Heal – It’s remarkable how well my body heals.  I had some pretty significant medical problems before I started CrossFit and before I began eating a Paleo lifestyle.  I was sick.  A lot.  I would put $2,500 in my FSA and run out by September.  Now I can barely seem to spend the $500 I put in it this year.  It is simply remarkable. A little bit of physical activity and some good nutrition and voila!  This year I also downgraded my medical plan to the lowest that my company offers.  I’m proud to say that I can only think of twice that I’ve actually had to use my medical insurance this year that were sickness-based.

So, what five things can your body do?

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