Time. It’s a lot like money. And, time is money, right?

When I get a raise or a bonus at work, I always think, “Awesome! Now I can…” and it can be a multitude of things. Build up our savings, buy new clothes, pay off this or that. But, inevitably, when money comes, something else comes along to eat it up. I mean, do you feel like you are that much “richer” than when you were 21? My salary has doubled since I was 21 and I feel no more rich than I was then. Funny how that happens, yea? You know…life?

Well, apparently, the same is true for time. As you know, I deleted my Facebook two weeks ago. I dreamt of the extra time I would have just to sit and read, catch up on some Netflix movies, clean my house and do my homework. Oh…to dream.

Instead of lazily spending time with my dogs, reading or watching movies, I barely squeezed in my Netflix DVDs while wrapping up some homework from last week along with chores of laundry, dishes and cooking. This school/career thing is taking up WAY more time than I had originally anticipated. I expected 5-10 hours a week…but it’s more like 15-30 hours a week. I spent my entire Sunday working on school/career-related things. Like…every.single.minute.

Well, hopefully in the next few weeks (come on August 22nd!!) things will slow down enough for me to actually get some relaxation time.  Today is go day for re-activating my Facebook.  I don’t plan on spending as much time as I have on it in the past.  I think these last two weeks, if anything, have taught me that I just don’t have time for Facebook!!  I’d rather be reading, blogging, schooling, CrossFitting, cooking, or spending time with F&F.

Some random “time” and “money” facts:

  • There is a World of  Warcraft spell called “Time is Money.” No idea what it does, but it exists!
  • Pink Floyd has a song called “Money” that is particularly notable for its unusual 7/4–4/4 time signature, its distinctive bassline and the seven-beat loop of money-related sound effects that opens the track.
  • By taking 1 hour per day for independent study, 7 hours per week, 365 hours in a year, one can learn at the rate of a full-time student. In 3-5 years, the average person can become an expert in the topic of their choice, by spending only one hour per day.
  • In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%. (scary)
  • The first paper notes were printed in denominations of 1 cent, 5 cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents in 1862.
  • Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on a U.S. currency note. It appeared on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891, and the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896.
  • Scientists have shown that, in theory, two distant parts of the Universe could be linked by a tunnel through space and time called a wormhole. A wormhole might work as a time machine. By making a round-trip journey through the tunnel, you could arrive home before you left.
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Thanks for reading!  ~*~JL~*~

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