So long…(for now)…Facebook!

I deleted deactivated my Facebook yesterday.  This probably means that very few of my typical readers will actually see this post until I reactivate my account.  Unfortunate, because I plan on writing a lot during my hiatus.  Hopefully some of you follow me on Twitter so you’ll catch the updates there.  Or maybe my husband will give me some shout outs on his page.  Who knows?

At current time of writing this blog, I have been without Facebook for approximately 28 hours.

I haven’t really missed it.


Other than just the habit of picking up my phone/computer just to check Facebook, I just really have not missed it!  I’m actually quite surprised.  I’m sure I will at some point, but I don’t right now.  I have so many better things to do than be on Facebook.  And I don’t think I realized how much I was on Facebook until today.  So, my account will be inactive until at least August 1.  In the meantime, I will be…









Loving (my husband).

Loving (my family and friends).


My bestie, Melissa (check her out on Twitter here), also deactivated hers until August 1.  She’s actually the one who motivated me to do it.  I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time because I started to think that it was beginning to take up too much of my time.  However, I did not realize how much time until today.

So far, I have…

Finished one book. (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) …omg this book is almost 15 (FIFTEEN) years old…

Started another. (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Finished 4 assignments.

Read 121 blog posts.

Did 2 loads of dishes.

Spent time with my momma & sisters.

Walked my dogs.

Spoiled my dogs with treats from the pet store.

Went to the grocery store for the first time in weeks.

I’d say this Facebook hiatus has been successful so far!


3 thoughts on “So long…(for now)…Facebook!

  1. It’s amazing how much time you can waste on that website! I’m deactivating mine once school starts AND killing my tv. Can’t wait to get caught up on reading. 🙂

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