Okay. I’m struggling. This is my first day back in a long time as strict Paleo.

Unfortunately while I’ve been off gallivanting with non-paleo foods, my breakfast has been the primary sufferer. This morning I had a completely clean breakfast. Scrambled eggs (3) with spinach, onions and olives with carrots and some kiwi. (I don’t normally do fruit for breakfast but we have it coming out of our ears from the co-op and I need to get rid of it!) I had some orange bell pepper and some olives that I did not eat because I was full. I also didn’t finish quite all of my eggs.

Its 11:46 a.m. and I am dying of starvation. I really want to just grab a little munchy. I want to grab a little munchy because I’ve allowed myself to do that for the last month. Also, because of that, I have not been eating much at breakfast and instead substituting with more coffee or snacks. So now I’m having to re-train myself (*sigh* again) that I have to eat MORE for breakfast. MORE MORE MORE!! (This was my first struggle as a CrossFitter was eating more for breakfast)

So, I’m headed to lunch early (I normally go around 12:45) so that I don’t attack the chips sitting in the break room just waiting to be devoured. I will try and eat what I planned on for lunch, plus a little of what I didn’t eat for breakfast.

Today’s lunch for your enjoyment….


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