Workout: “Angie”

Yesterday’s workout….


100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

via CrossFit Denton County.

Yesterday was a rough one.  I debated doing this workout Rx’d or not and I’m really glad I talked to Casey and we decided I should do the scaled at 75 reps. 

The pull ups were hard from the beginning because #1 I forgot my gloves and #2 the pull up bar was ridiculously sticky and yucky so it hurt and grossed me out at the same time so they took me a long time.  I did 20 right off the bat and then did the rest in sets of 10 and sometimes 5.

Push ups started to get rough at about 30.  I was really having a hard time keeping my core tight and pulling my thighs up off the ground with my chest.  It ended up looking more like a worm than a push up.  About 5 total were done on my knees at various points during the set.

Sit ups were okay.  Hard.  But not as hard as I thought.  Although…I started getting a little sick to my stomach about halfway through…(reminder of whatever workout I didn’t finish). It was really hard to get those last 40 or so done.

I was so relieved to get to the squats because, of all the things in this workout, those are my strongest skill.  I busted through the squats in just over a minute.  My goal was to finish under 18 minutes and I finished in 18:01 (dangit!)

Even still, this is a tremendous improvement over my time from November.  November my time was 18:36 (I think?????) and I did 65 reps of everything instead of 75.  So…35 seconds less, plus 40 reps…I’ll take it! 🙂

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