Dallas Mavericks: YOUR 2011 NBA Champions!!!

Yep.  It’s been 2 days since they won and I still can’t believe it.  Pinch me! Is this a dream?  OUCH!  No! It’s not!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay.  Let me start this off by saying, I am not a sports blogger.  I don’t want to be a sports blogger and I’m not trying to be one.  This is (obviously) not the main focus in my blog.  I’ve never even written about sports (CrossFit excluded) before on my blog so…that being said. I’m just simply a Dallas Mavericks fan whose heart is bursting with joy because of their victory in Miami. Here goes.

I have been a bad fan this year.  A very bad Mavs fan.  I’ve watched maybe 30 games, of which, I’ve only watched about 10 or 15 all the way through (not including the playoffs).  BUT, nonetheless, I still love my Mavs and JET as much as ever.

I want to say that this series in the playoffs is one of the most exciting I’ve ever watched, however, the Spurs/Mavs series in 2006 is the most exciting I’ve seen and the OKC/Mavs series this year is probably the 2nd most exciting.

I’m proud of our team.  I’m proud that we can call our Dallas Mavericks NBA Champions.  I am proud that we are not saying, “Yeah, Dirk’s a champ!” and instead we’re saying, “Yeah, the Mavs are champs!!”  I am proud that we are bigger people than to start a fight on the court (that guy pushed Stevenson! Not the other way around!).

I am proud of our fans.  After championships (of any sort…) you often times hear of fights, cars or businesses being vandalized, fires and in some extreme cases, rioting.  I was so happy to wake up Monday morning to hear that there were only 4 arrests relating to the Championship events. What a great bunch of fans we are!

Well…there’s my two cents!  Go Mavs!!

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