Updates on NYR

I decided to go back and look at my January 3rd post and reflect back upon what I had decided to do this year to make a better me. So… here’s an update!

  1. Complete the Whole30 challenge twice.  (getting a head start.  starting my second (ever) and first (of the new year) whole30 on tuesday.  yes…i’ve given in to peer pressure.)
  2. Read one book a month. (this will be tough. however, i got my swanky ipad for my birthday so i gotta make good use of it! i’m off to a good start…i’m halfway through two books already)
  3. Pipes and my experiences with them. (not specific enough? dang.) Post at least one new recipe a week.
  4. In that case, that means I must TRY one new recipe a week. (i can handle that.)
  5. Participate in one CrossFit competition. (not because I think I will win or because I think I will be good at it…but because they will give me something to strive for athletically)
  6. Pursue my career goal.

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  1. Done.  Sort of.  I’m not happy with them.  I want to do a couple more that I have actually planned out my meals and are better well prepared.  I know that there is no way to avoid the occasional “unpreparedness” of life but I’d still like to be a little more prepared.
  2. Okay…I’ll admit.  I’m a little behind on this one.  I should be on book number five.  So far I have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Water for Elephants and most of The Paleo Solution.  I am about 1/4 way through The Girl Who Played with Fire (Dragon Tattoo’s 2nd in the series of 3) right now.  So…I am only 1 behind if I finish The Paleo Solution.  I did decide today to go to the library and finally get a library card.  I forgot how much I love the library.  The smell…the sound…I love it!  Today I checked out the audio book of Little Women. It’s my favorite classic and I haven’t read it in years.  I got the audio so I can listen to it on the way to and from work.
  3. I’ve posted 8 since the new year.  That’s about 2 per month.  I think I’m doing pretty good!  However, I’ll try to keep that up and up it to try and get in one new recipe per week.
  4. For the most part, I’ve been trying at least 1 and sometimes up to 4 new recipes per week.  Yesss!
  5. Done! I have already participated in the Cupid’s Challenge in February.  I’ve signed up for the May Day Challenge as well.  Which brings me to…
    If you haven’t already, or if you are interested, please sign up for the May Day Challenge atCrossFit Denton County.  It’ll be a blast!! (and scaled so that everyone can participate!)  The proceeds will benefit Champions of Hope, a mentorship program aimed at providing at-risk students in the Dallas area with caring, positive role models who will walk with them from 4th/5th grade until high school graduation. If you can’t participate, please come and show your support for me (and CFDC) at the competition!!!
  6. In the process… 🙂
I think that overall, I’ve done pretty well.  A few more books here and a little more cooking and posting there and I’ll be right on track!
So…I’d like to tell you what I think about the books I’ve read and the ones that will be next!
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — For a while I didn’t really understand what this book was about.  People would say, “Is it good? What’s it about?” And I had a hard time answering them…I mean, it was drama.  It was suspense.  It was love.  I wasn’t really sure.  Then…BAM!  I could barely put the book down during the last half.  It turned out to be a really, really great read with a great story line that catches you by surprise at the end. It definitely got me ready to read the two sequels.
  • Water for Elephants — I picked this book up in an airport bookstore on a 7 hour flight delay in Little Rock a couple weeks ago.  I finished reading this book in 2 days. Okay…technically four…but the two days in the middle I didn’t have time to read even one page so I don’t count them!  This was a great book that I could NOT put down!  It was an awesome story about a veterinarian school dropout turned traveling circus vet.  It flashes back between his older years in a nursing home and his younger years with the circus.  It is dramatic and heart wrenching at times. I’m a sucker for the animals.
  • The Paleo Solution — Well, duh I love this book!  I haven’t read the last few chapters because I have been loaning it out to people before I could finish it.  It’s worth it, though, to spread the Paleo cheer! 🙂  I love everyone that’s jumping in and asking lots of questions!  I never mind answering any paleo-related question.  Hit me with them anytime!  After Melissa finishes it, I will make sure I finish the last chapters before I loan it out again.
  • The Girl Who Played with Fire — This is the 2nd in the 3 book series.  This one started off a lot more exciting than the first one.  It only took about 50 pages for me to understand what this one was going to be about and for me to totally be engrossed in it.  Every chance I get I pick up my iPad and get in another few pages.  I’ll probably be finished with it by the end of this week or next.
  • Little Women — What an amazing classic.  If you haven’t read it, do it.  If you have read it, read it again.  Man or woman…this book must be read by all.  Such a great story.
  • Do the Work — This book is currently FREE on Amazon.com so go order it while you can!  I will start reading this after I’m finished with The Girl Who Played with Fire.  Leighton is currently reading it and he really likes it.  It is a book about how to get what you want and get where you’re going.  Want to start a business?  Or a new career?  This book will help you get off your butt and get started!  It’s sponsored by the Domino Project.  I learned about this book because I’m a Bzz Agent and I get to be a part of this campaign for an entire year.  They’ll release one new free book every month to read and try out!

So far that’s all that’s in the line as a definite…although I have a list on Amazon.com about 70 books long that I want to read.  Not to mention, probably 50 in my office of books I’ve bought but never read!
Well…that’s all for now!! Almost bedtime.

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