Workout: My First 5K

Today’s Workout

5k Run

via CrossFit Denton County.

I tried to call in “sick” for this one until I found out we’d have to make it up tomorrow.

… …

… … …

Okay.  Not really. I just dreaded it more than I have any other workout on the board. Last time we did a 5k, we had the option to do a scaled version (see post) so I chose the scaled version.  This time we were not given the option (and they probably wouldn’t have let me opt for a scaled anyway…) so I had to run the dang 5K.

I started off good.  I was really trying to put to use Brian MacKenzie‘s techniques (of CrossFit Endurance) that we learned at the CrossFit Endurance Seminar last month.  I did okay for a little bit but then I started getting really tired.  Ended up walking a bit on Sparrow and then it just started to hurt…really bad.  My lower calves, ankles, arch of my foot, my butt…everything.  By the time I was about halfway to Brazos (see map here, we made the loop twice) I could only run a few steps at a time because my ankle and calves were hurting me worse than they ever have.  When I got to Brazos and Swallow I stopped to stretch them out for a bit.  From there all the way back to Swallow, I walked and ran intermittently.  When I got to Swallow, I decided that I had to just keep running.  Honestly, I wasn’t winded hardly at all.  Most of the reasons I was stopping was because my legs and feet were hurting so bad.  By the time I was back at Garden Ridge on my way back to CFDC, I had to walk most of the way back.  It was just too painful.  Then, once I got to Moccasin, I ran all the way back in.  I was upset that I wasn’t even winded when I got back.  I should have been able to push through it but it was just too hard and hurt too much.

Maybe next time I can at least run the whole thing.  Slow or not.

Time: 36:50

Leighton did great by the way.  He was convinced it would take an hour for him to finish a 5K and he finished in 32 minutes!! He did awesome!


8 thoughts on “Workout: My First 5K

  1. Great work today.

    The pain you were feeling is normal and as long as it doesn’t slow you down in other workouts, it isn’t something to worry about.


    1. Thanks, Dave. I guess I’m just not used to it. Another reason I don’t understand running or why people like it. :-\ I can only get better, right? 🙂

  2. I was in pain too- it’s because we don’t usually run more than 800m at a time. 🙂 later this year you’ll probably surprise yourself. a few more months and it’ll be so much easier!

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