What’s in my kitchen and how did it get there?

I’ve had lots of requests for what’s in my kitchen and where I shop so….here it is!!

Things I always have in my kitchen:

Red Bell Peppers
Brussels Sprouts
Some sort of greens (romaine, spring mix, spinach)
Coconut Milk
Coconut Water (when it’s on sale)
Coconut, avocado, extra virgin olive and light olive oil
Canned stewed tomatoes
Canned tomato paste
Almond butter
Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
Black & green olives
Sweet Potatoes
Red and Yellow onion
Fruit: whatever’s cheap! 🙂
Other veggies: whatever’s cheap! 🙂
Chicken (I buy tons on sale then freeze it)
Beef (buy it on sale!)
Applegate Farms hot dogs
Nitrate free bacon (Peterson farms I think???)
Sweet potato chips (for chip emergencies only! 🙂 )
Homemade mayo

Stores I shop at in order of frequency:

Sprouts: I get most of my produce here, especially red bell peppers. They usually have the best price for produce over any grocery store. I also get all of my coconut products here (except coconut butter) coconut oil,  coconut milk and coconut flakes. I always get my chicken here. When it’s on sale (sometimes under $2/lb which is really cheap) I stock my freezer as full as I can with it. We also buy their chorizo and their regular ground beef and steaks. When we have extra money or when it’s on sale, I splurge on the grass-fed ground beef and steaks. Sprouts also sells Applegate and Peterson Farms meats but sometimes they are out so I try to catch them early in the week. Also, Sprouts has some bacon that has zero ingredients that I buy but it doesn’t freeze well and only lasts a couple of days since it has no preservatives so you have to cook it soon after you buy.

Local Co-Op: My pickup location is in Corinth but you can find a local one here.  My friend Lindsey uses Urban Acres and it is really awesome as well but does not have as many pickup locations.  Every week the fruits and vegetables are different so it really helps you think out of the box and also gives you great variety.  I build my recipes based on the food I get in my co-op.  I pick up every other week.  They send out the list of food that is coming a week and a half ahead of time so you have plenty of time to plan.  I practically buy no fruit in the store as they provide plenty.  I mainly supplement veggies because we go through them so quickly. 

Tom Thumb (or other groc store): I get anything I can’t find at Sprouts here or if the price is too much at Sprouts.  Sprouts doesn’t always have some things you would think they would…like cilantro, lemons, limes…because they mainly carry what is in-season so sometimes its hard to find certain things so I’ll go to Sprouts first, then to Tom Thumb for the few extra things on my way home.

Costco: Almond butter, red, yellow & orange bell peppers, butternut squash pre-cut, apples, olives, stewed tomatoes, tomato paste, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, small sweet peppers, carrots, strawberries, brussels sprouts, LaCroix water, S Pellegrino water, sun-dried tomatoes, green beans, chicken broth, sweet potato chips, dates, spinach, grass-fed ground beef (when they have it) and they also have ghee.  I don’t use ghee but they have it by the gallon for relatively cheap.

Lewisville Garden Ridge Farmers Market: Eggs Eggs Eggs!!!!!  Their eggs are layed by their own chickens and are HUGE!!!  Come from happy, healthy chickens and they last MONTHS.  I buy 2 flats (40 eggs) about every 2 months or so and it only costs about $10.  Their ground beef and steaks are also grass-fed on their own farms.  I also get frozen okra and blueberries here as they are also locally grown.  I may shop here more often as more things come into season.  Keep in mind, this is the Garden Ridge Farmers Market.  This is open all year round.  This is not the Lewisville Farmers Market in Old Town.  Although, once it starts back up (in May I think????) I will shop there again as well but no one can beat these eggs and meat!

Whole Foods: Nitrate-free organic meats like sausages and lunch meats. They also have Applegate Farms meats. I only make about one trip here every other month or so. Everything else is incredibly overpriced so I only go there once in a while to get sausage and lunch meats.

United Market Street: I get my produce that’s hard to find here usually.  Things like chard, rainbow chard, bok choy….those kinds of things. Also hard to find spices. They also have lots of pre-made dressings that are Whole30 and Paleo approved. However, since I discovered a homemade dressing …I may not be buying much more! 

Natural Foods: Coconut butter, nitrate-free jerky and random spices. I go here every few months.

Super H Mart: I haven’t decided how often I’ll be going here. I took my first trip there a month or so ago and I loved it.  Not everything is cheaper here, but a lot of it is. And a lot of it you just can’t find anywhere else.  They also have a lot of random veggies that you can’t find many other places.  Jicama, bok choy, chard, tomatillos, parsnips…basically, if its Asian and wacky…they have it!!

I think that’s it…let me know if you have any questions or want to go shopping any time soon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂   Now…take my poll! I’ve left it open so you can vote multiple times if you’d like!


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