Cupid’s Challenge

This past Saturday I competed in the Cupid’s Challenge in Allen, TX hosted by CrossFit FX TX and West Plano CrossFit. What an awesome experience! I had a great time and I learned a lot about what I can actually do.

I had never been to a CrossFit competition so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was pretty much expecting to do one really intense workout.

…..boy was I wrong……

More like THREE really intense, crazy workouts. At the beginning of the day I thought I’d be able to finish all of them. I knew they would be hard…but I had a lot of confidence in myself and my ability to push through. Well…here’s the synopsis of my workouts and how I felt about them…enjoy.

(I’ve posted a key at the end of the blog for terms you may not be familiar with. Also, some have a link to a video or picture of the movement)

WOD* #1
AMRAP* 17 minutes
9 overhead lunges @55#
9 alternated grip dead lifts* @115#
9 2fer wall balls @ 10#

About 10 seconds into this WOD I was almost in tears. Almost in tears because it was the first time that I really, actually thought I could not physically finish a workout.  I really thought the weight was too much and I would just not be able to lift it no matter how hard I tried. My overhead squat (OHS) max is 80# and the most I’ve ever used in a workout is 35# so overhead lunges (OHL) at 55# were really rough. Not to mention I’ve never really done an “overhead lunge” like these so I was not familiar with the movement, especially at this weight. I’ve done OHS and I’ve done lunges…but never a combination of the two. So…the first attempted OHL I fell flat on my backside because once I was down in the lunge, I couldn’t get back out of it.

Um…that was embarrassing…

I started to tear up right then and there. I don’t typically cry. Like…almost never. And this stupid WOD was going to make me cry?!?   No! I was not going to let it get the best of me.   So I got up, walked back over to the bar (not without a little encouragement from Kelly K and Casey on the sidelines) and picked the bar up and tried again. The second attempt went much better…I found a way to push myself up out of the lunge that enabled me to lift the heavier weight.

Okay…finished my 9 OHL so on to deadlifts. These were HARD…don’t get me wrong. However, they were easier than I had pegged them to be in my brain except they were really tough on my lower back. My one rep max on deadlifts is 135# so I was a little bit worried about doing an entire workout with only 20# less than my max.  I had decided in the beginning that if my form started to fail because of the awkward way we had to grip and lift the bar, I was going to stop. No back injury is worth a competition (oh, and my chiropractor might just kill me). Well, even though they were tough … and awkward … and hard … I don’t think my form suffered.  Go me!

2fers were a joke. An absolute joke. I couldn’t get into any kind of rhythm and I certainly couldn’t do a 2fer as Rx’d*. I instead did a wall ball, let the ball drop, and did a squat then picked the ball up and repeated. This slowed me down tremendously but I trudged through it anyway.

The rest of the rounds went about the same as the first one. On every.single.round I fell on the 5th rep of the OHL. The deadlifts went 1 or 2 at a time each round and 2fers were as unbroken as I could make them considering how I had to do them.

In the end, I finished with 4 rounds plus 14 reps (9 OHL and 5 deadlifts).  Got 9th place out of 9, lol.

WOD #2
4 rounds
40m gallops (basically moving half-burpees)
10 K2E (I did knees to chest)
10 push ups
10 GHD situps
….Then a 1k row after the 4 rounds

I was worried about this workout because, again, my lower back. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do 40 GHD sit-ups. I tested them out first and got some tips from David about how to lessen the pressure on my lower back. This was the part going in that I thought would be the worst.


Gallops…1/2 burpees…leap frogs…whatever you want to call them, they were horrendous! 40 meters never looked so long. They were awful! And my hamstrings were killing me the whole time! Really didn’t think I’d be able to finish those. The knees-to-chest and push ups weren’t so bad but the GHD sit-ups were pretty awful. I was doing them too slow, which was really irritating my back…but I trudged through each round and did them all.

Had it not been for Mike, I’m not sure I would have finished the last two rounds. He walked along side me on the sidelines and kept yelling at me to keep going. Turns out, it was encouragement that I seriously needed.

The 1K row was probably the easiest part for me.  I’m sure I looked miserable doing it…but I never mind rowing.  Never.  at least not yet… The row took me a while…and I wanted to stop to rest a couple of times but Kelly and the rest of the CFDC’rs were cheering me on and Kelly was NOT gonna let me stop on that row.

Made it through that one in 21:58.  Once again, got 9th place out of 9. haha! 🙂

WOD #3

Upside down disoriented Fran
9-15-21 reps
Dumbbell thrusters with one 10# and one 20# db
Spin 5 times
Over/under pull ups (one hand gripping over the bar, one hand gripping under the bar)
Spin 5 times

Thrusters were the hardest part…pull ups were relatively easy…not much to say on this one.

Finished in 6:05.  4th out of 9.

Overall finished 8th out of 9.  Better than 9th out of 9!! hehe

All in all, I was NOT a happy camper during the workouts.  However, it was one of the most fun experiences.  I enjoyed getting to see other CF competitors and also getting to cheer David, Rocky and our CFDC Team, Willie, Jake, Mike and Niki on during their heats.  What a fun day!  And I learned SO much.  SO, so much.  I’ll definitely do it again…MAYBE not that gym’s competition…but I’ll definitely be participating in other competitions.  I’m looking forward to the next one…whenever that will be!

Sorry for the long absence!  I’ve been so busy this month but I’m forcing myself to slow down and weed out things that aren’t important! (like fb games…hehe 🙂 )



  • WOD – Workout of the day
  • AMRAP – As many rounds as possible in XX minutes
  • Alternated Grip Deadlifts – These take some explanation because I wasn’t able to find any examples online.  You grip the bar in a normal dead lift stance.  They tape where your hands go.  For these deadlifts, you had to grip the bar on one side of the tape or the other….alternating each side for each round.
  • Rx’d – as prescribed or performing the workout as written without modification

5 thoughts on “Cupid’s Challenge

  1. I am so proud of you…you did so much that you thought you could not do at all!! Now the next time you see 55# OHS or 115# DL you can be like “oh no big deal. I can totally do that!” 🙂

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