Don’t just stand there! DO something!

I don’t write about my workouts much…so today I am.

Today’s skill work was: Pistols

Today’s workout was:

4 rounnds of
15 overhead squats (35#)
15 box jumps (12″)
15 push-press (55#)
15 knee-to-elbows

Today I needed some mo.tiv.ation.  I woke up grumpy, cold and tired.  Not a good condition to be in when I’m heading to CrossFit…

First, I’ll start with the positives. I was really impressed with my progress on pistols. I have been practicing the negatives. The last time we did them was October 19 and I #1 couldn’t get my leg out straight enough so that it didn’t touch the ground and #2 could not control my squat all the way down. Once I hit about a 90 degree angle, I plopped down on the box.

Today, my right leg was controlled all the way to the box. And I even did several on my right leg without the box! My left leg, eh…not so much. I’m controlled until I’m about 4 or 5 inches from the box. So, progress but not perfection! Now Dave told me to start practicing sitting on the box and getting up out of the pistol position. My hamstrings do not have the strength right now so that’s what I’ll be working on now!

Also to be commended were my knees to elbows. I don’t remember the last time we did these but I distinctly remember doing them and being miserable. I could barely get my legs up to a sitting position! So, today, before we started the workout I went to choose my bar for the K2E. Jumped up, grabbed on and…much to my surprise…I rocked my knees all the way up to my chest!! If I had been standing (instead of hanging) I think I would have fallen over out of shock! Success!! Only a couple more steps to go before I can be doing full K2E!

Now to the … not so positive.  I started off trying to do my OHS at 55# and while warming up before the  workout. I was struggling after just 2 or 3 so David kicked me down to 35#.  YESSSSSSS…I thought. I only got kicked down to 35# for the OHS.  Push press was still 55#.  Dang it! David said he would remove/add weight while I was doing the box jumps and K2E so I wouldn’t lose time.  And…so it went.  After the first round, I was okay.  I was able to do pretty much everything unbroken.  Second round…notsomuch.  After I finished the push press I got it in my head I was going to tell David not to put the weight back on after the OHS because it was just too heavy.

As I was finishing up my K2E I figured if I told Dave I was going down in weight on the push press, he’d give me a funny look and tell me I was doing 55# anyway.  I decided I would probably not be able to finish the workout at 55# but I’d try anyway.  Then…as if he was reading my thoughts he yelled out to everyone, “The longer you stand there and stare at that bar, the further away you get from your goals!”  Or something to that effect…Dave turned around and looked at me, smirked and said, “You like that? Just came up with that on the fly!”  I laughed. Partly because it was funny but mostly because he didn’t realize how much that statement affected the rest of my workout.  I yelled at myself in my head for even thinking about suckering out and going for less weight on the last 2 rounds of push press.  Yes its hard!  Yes it sucks!  But how am I ever going to reach my goals if I don’t push myself?? How long am I going to stare at that bar waiting for something to happen?

I’ve “stared at that bar” for 4 years waiting for something to happen!  I’ve set goals. Made New Years resolutions. Joined gyms.  Signed up for boot camp.  Tried fad diet after fad diet.  Taken the pills. And every.single.time…I failed.  I failed because I’m staring at that bar (i.e. weight gain, poor eating habits, health problems) waiting for something to happen.  Nothing will happen unless you actually pick up the damn bar and do something with it!

So in the end, I finished my 35# OHS and yelled for Dave to come switch my weights.  I finished the workout.  I did it.  And I did it at 55# push presses.  No one ever got stronger.harder.faster by taking the easy way out.  Final time: 20:01



One thought on “Don’t just stand there! DO something!

  1. love the post JL.

    Just think all those grueling minutes of l-sits have paid off on the k2e.

    I think we all stare at a bar. I myself have been staring at bars for years especially when it comes to CrossFit and competing seriously in CF as a sport. Maybe ill move my butt this spring during competition season.

    glad you signed up for Cupid’s Challenge. you will have a blast!


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