Whole9 Nutritional Workshop

I realize this post is way, WAY overdue and by the time I finish it…it will probably be even more overdue! Ah well! 🙂

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go to the Whole9 Nutritional Workshop in January or not.  I did not want to drive to Houston and back alone all in one day so I was waiting for a willing road trip buddy.  Leave it to my free spirited hairdresser, Lindsey, to chime in last minute to jump in and head down to Houston (aka. The “arm pit of Texas.” Her words, not mine!) on January 8.  You do not believe how thankful I am I ended up being able to go.  I learned so much more the second time around!  And on that note…

I realize now that I never really wrote about the first workshop I went to in October.  That workshop opened my eyes to why the Paleo ‘diet’ was developed in the first place and how its not just another ‘fad’ diet.  There are horrible, no good, very bad things that these foods are doing to our bodies.  My Whole30 challenge only proved what they were saying was true. Anyway, the first time around I was not feeling well and running a fever.  This workshop gets pretty technical and there is a lot of information to absorb.  With that being said, between my sneezing, coughing and fever…I only got the 10,000 ft view of the program.  I learned more after the fact from the Whole9 website but I still did not grasp the biological reasoning behind why we should or should not eat the things we do.

SO…back to the January workshop.

I learned SO MUCH MORE this time around!  Thumbs up to a clear head!

This time I really absorbed the details of the relationships between insulin, inflammation, sleep, mental health, digestion, exercise….EVERYTHING.  I got it.  I am not going to go into the nitty gritty details (I’ll leave that for Melissa & Dallas to do at their workshop…which you should attend when they’re in your area!! 😉 ) but here are some things I took away from the workshop this time.

Some interesting things.

  • Stevia is not okay.
  • Alcohol is twice as calorie dense as sugar.
  • Most tap water is acidifying in the body (because of the chlorine)
  • I know what to buy organic and what I don’t really need to if I don’t have the money for it.
  • Why there is a need for carbs POST workout but not PRE workout.

Some things that are … just … duh.

  • Real food needs no fortifying.
  • The U.S. has the highest consumption of calcium and calcium supplements, yet has the highest osteoporosis rate.
  • Just because its “paleo” doesn’t mean its okay in lots of quantities. (i.e. bacon)
  • Its not about points, blocks, calories, grams, etc. Eat when you’re hungry!

And some things that are just….disgusting.

  • 70% of processed foods contain soy.
  • Cheese creates a morphine-like response in the body when eaten. wait…maybe that’s not such a bad thing?? hehe
  • You are what you eat.  Know what your meat eats.  Usually along with the unhealthy, unnatural corn diet, they are fed miscellaneous animal parts (of their same kind of animal), feces, hair, skin, feathers, plastic (yes, plastic)…the list goes on and on. Also, if you don’t think this happens and these kinds of treatments exist of our food sources, you need a serious reality check.  Ever heard of mad cow? What about all the recent meat recalls? Trust me.  You need to KNOW what your meat eats and the conditions under which it was raised.  Anyway…I’ll save this argument for another blog post. I’ll step off my soap box for now.

I took home from the workshop so much more information than this but these are the things that stuck out to me as really, really important this time.  I got to talk to Melissa & Dallas a little bit and also was able to meet Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan of The Clothes Make the Girl.  Melissa spoke to Lindsey for a little while on how to implement the Whole30 and Paleo lifestyle into a vegetarian diet.  I was so, so happy we were able to talk to them about that because at the last workshop, they really hadn’t given any options for vegetarians wishing to try the Whole30 or Paleo.

The ride home was great.  We got to discuss the plan and how Lindsey and her partner were going to start a Whole30 ASAP.  It gave me a renewal boost of motivation for remembering why I’m doing this.  Its not about weight loss, its not about looking good.  It’s about feeling good and being as healthy as I can during my time on this planet.  Looking good and losing weight are just the awesome side effects. 🙂

Lindsey was certainly not all talk (she never is) and she and her partner, LuLu, started the Whole30 right after she got back from Houston.  I have to give them props. I am not very certain I could have done a Whole30 right out of the gate.  I had no willpower whatsoever when I first learned of Paleo so I really eased myself into it.  Not Lindsey.  She jumped in head first.  I am so proud of them both.  They’re a little over two weeks in (I think) and have done absolutely fabulously.  They are not without their struggles, but they are really pushing through.  I encourage you to read Lindsey’s blog.  She has some great things to say about the program and her experiences with it.  AND, you’ll find she and I have mad cravings for some of the same things (chips anyone??).  They have both seen incredible changes and results within just the first week.  I can’t wait to see the progress after an entire month!!  ….or two months!! I got my hair done yesterday and she told me they are actually going to both be doing a Whole60.  Which is simply amazing.

That’s all for now…


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