Better Than You Think

Here’s why I have it better than I think lately…

  • Dave Ramsey.  Leighton and I are merely a hop, skip and a jump from being debt free!! (except for the house) Thanks to Dave Ramsey, we have stayed on track (mostly) and stayed motivated.  Hopefully in a couple months we’ll be calling in to Debt Free Friday with Dave!! 🙂
  • CrossFit…and specifically CrossFit Denton County.  I am so fortunate #1 to be able to afford it and #2 to be a part of such a great gym.  We have an owner, Dave Nichols, with passion and drive for the gym he has built.  And he is incredibly supportive and welcoming to every person that walks through the door.
  • I was going to include this one at the end of the last point but I decided it deserves its own point. The people that make up my gym are like none other. We all come from different backgrounds.  Some are doctors, teachers, stay-at-home moms, sales people, waiters, accountants, students … yet we are all CrossFit athletes … we join together 3-5 times a week to spend an hour together.  Come hell or high box jumps…we’re there…toughing it out. Together.  The support from this “small” group of 80 people is incredible.  I could not ask for a better bunch of athletes!
  • Whole9.  Oh Whole9!  Where would I be without your simple breakdown of the Paleo diet and your Whole30 program??  Where??   Confused in a mess of pages in Robb Wolf and/or Loren Cordain’s books. The way Melissa & Dallas have broken down simple eating plans for a Paleo lifestyle is downright priceless.  It has truly changed mine and my husband’s lives.  For Dallas & Melissa and the healthy habits they are preaching, I am thankful.
  • My dogs.  My sweet babies.  I don’t think I would make it every week (and sometimes longer) without my husband without the company of my li’l Coop and Magpies.  Cooper & Maggie keep me occupied, safe, and sometimes warm while Leighton is away.  Thank you my puppies!!

So…why does your life not suck lately?? 🙂  Why do you have it better than you think?


3 thoughts on “Better Than You Think

  1. 1 – To have the family that I do. I have no idea what I would do without the support of my son, mom, dad and Lu.

    2 – My mentor at school. She inspires me every time I speak with her, and helps me to remember to believe in myself.

    3 – Finding a place to live that is in our budget. I’m so proud of Lu and her decision to make going back to school a reality. Our new place was an act of the universe, giving us back what we’ve put into it.

    4 – As much as she drives me crazy sometimes, Sylvie. I love the love she has brought into our lives. 😀

  2. WOW, thanks JL for the update. I was really upset that I did not get to the Oct. workshop at CFDC in Oct but like you I am now a true believer. I am so lucky that my husband has been eating palio for like the past two years or more. He has always wanted me to try it and I did to an extent but with this whole30 I agree it is a lifestyle not a diet.

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