No CrossFit = No Bueno

12/28/10 – my last “real” day in the gym

01/10/10 – My first day back at 50%

That’s it. That is all I’ve been to the gym in over two weeks. I’m so frustrated and angry.

29th-11th I was sick & my cough was so bad I’d hate to see me attempt a workout.

On top of that I threw my back out on NYE. So even if I had been well, I would have still been out for 4 days minimum. Tuesday & Wednesday I was in Austin and today I was catching up from being sick & out of town this week & last (with still more to do!). Tomorrow I’ve got to get up and get moving. I’m tired of not getting my CF on. I can definitely feel the effects of nearly 3 weeks off and it’s not fun.

I’ll be there in the morning.

Better post this & get off my iPad so I can get some sleep.

“Karen” and I are sure to have fun in the morning.


-Sent from The Future

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