New Years 2011

I hate jumping on the New Years Resolution bandwagon every year but I just can’t help it.  I love New Years Resolutions.  I love it even more when I can keep them.

Lots of my friends have been posting theirs.  I love reading them.  But I can’t be like them.  One of my friends had over 20 things on their NYR list!! I stopped counting at 20!  That is just too much.  Keep it simple, stupid.  That’s what I say.  Here’s my NYR list for 2011… 🙂  I’ll number mine so it doesn’t get outta control.

  1. Complete the Whole30 challenge twice.  (getting a head start.  starting my second (ever) and first (of the new year) whole30 on tuesday.  yes…i’ve given in to peer pressure.)
  2. Read one book a month. (this will be tough. however, i got my swanky ipad for my birthday so i gotta make good use of it! i’m off to a good start…i’m halfway through two books already)
  3. Post more recipes and my experiences with them. (not specific enough? dang.) Post at least one new recipe a week.
  4. In that case, that means I must TRY one new recipe a week. (i can handle that.)
  5. Participate in one CrossFit competition. (not because i think i will win or because i think i will be good at it…but because they will give me something to strive for athletically)
  6. Pursue my career goal.

I think six is enough. You think?  I think! 🙂



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