Whole30 Wrap-Up

Thursday concluded my first Whole30 challenge.  That was the toughest 30 days I’ve had in a while.  I am pretty proud of myself though.  I finished it.




I didn’t cheat. I didn’t cut out early. I didn’t quit.  Overall, it was easier than I thought it would be.  I really didn’t think I’d be able to resist temptation when a craving came over me.  I’m so used to caving in to my cravings.

The Whole30 made me really understand how food affects me.  My mood, my body, my energy, my workouts…everything.  Some of it I found particularly peculiar.  Like fruit for breakfast makes me ravenous for something sweet in the afternoon (Thanks, Dave, for figuring that one out for me!).  I don’t think I would have ever blamed my afternoon sweet tooth on fruit for breakfast.  Humm…our bodies are such complex, crazy things.

So…I learned…

About My Body

My body has changed so much in just one month.  And I don’t mean just losing weight…I mean…my body is firming up and re-shaping itself into this familiar shape it had been years ago.  I can look in the mirror and not have to suck in my pseudo-pregnant belly.  *thumbs up*  After I eat I feel full and satisfied rather than stuffed and sleepy.  My meals give me energy.  We gave up caffeine for our Whole30 (not a requirement but an option) and I never missed it.  My breakfast gives me enough energy to not need a pick-me-up.

About My Sleep

I’m notorious for having sleep problems.  Waking up in the middle of the night…several times…no reason. Not being able to get to sleep or not being able to wake up on time.  I’ve slept great the last 30 days. The only days I had problems sleeping were the last 3 or 4 days of my Whole30.  I’m not sure why I was having problems but it was probably due to added stress at work (year end, you know…).

About My Food

Finding, preparing and eating the food for Whole30 was not tough.  Did you hear me?  Are you sure?  Let me repeat myself…just in case. Finding, preparing and eating food for the Whole 30 was NOT TOUGH. Okay.  Hopefully you heard me that time.  Most of my meals are really simple and really quick.  I tried to keep it interesting by making a couple of more complicated meals throughout the week and then saving for leftovers.  I cook (or try to at least) all my meat on Sunday and then reheat throughout the week.  I’ve found some frozen veggie stir fry packages at Costco that I absolutely love (but I forgot I had them until 3 days before the Whole30 was over..oops).  I just don’t think its hard to pop some chicken in the microwave or steamer to re-heat and then throw some frozen veggies into a pan to cook and then cutting up a pepper.  It’s just not that freaking hard. It takes 20 minutes of thinking ahead a week.  Not too bad if you ask me.

Weight Loss

So this is at the bottom of my bucket of reasons to do the Whole30.  And its at the bottom of Whole9’s list for reasons that you should want to do the Whole30.  The Whole30 is about fixing your body. Reducing inflammation.  Getting your digestive system on track.  Not about weight loss.

That being said, I know everyone will ask anyway so here it is. 🙂  I lost 11 lbs on the Whole30.  I have lost 27 lbs since May 20.

I went back and read my blog from May.  It was… …interesting. I’m surprised at how much I’ve grown and discovered about weight loss, eating and exercise.  I really was a completely different person 7 months ago.  Starting CrossFit, learning about Paleo from Whole9‘s nutrition workshop, learning how to master the art of the kitchen…it has all shaped me into this person that I wouldn’t have recognized 7 months ago.  I’m proud of the ways that I have changed.  I feel so much better and looking better is just a bonus!

Leighton has done tremendously well, too.  He has supported me in every step I’ve taken on this journey with no hesitation (okay…maybe a tiny bit…but not much!).  He has lost over 40 lbs since August and he looks great.  I’m so proud of him.  I no longer have the fear in the back of my mind that I could lose him to health problems due to unhealthy habits.

So, its over.  Now what?

Yea.  So it is over.  So what?  I’m still going to eat Paleo. I’m still going to eat REAL food.

But I’m taking back my cheats.

I will still eat a primary diet of healthy protein, fats, vegetable carbs, fruits and oils.  I will still continue to CrossFit (of course! I’m addicted…) and I will continue to lose weight (another 23 lbs). I will do Whole30 again. Probably twice this year.  I’m still thinking about whether or not to do the January Whole30 with my gym.  We’ll see. It starts Tuesday so I still have a couple days to decide.

Well, thanks for reading.  And thank you to everyone for your encouragement along the way.  Everyone has been extremely supportive and Leighton and I are both thankful for that.  We like having our friend and family cheer squad to keep us going.



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