Quick update

Sorry I have not been posting much in the form of pictures of my meals…or on the blog for that matter.  The last 4 days I’ve tried to ignore my phone, iPad and computer as much as I possibly could…therefore…no/little food updates.

BUT, I’ve not fallen off the bandwagon.  Christmas went very well.  I survived five Christmas meals while still staying Whole30 compliant.  The only thing that was a little hard to resist, surprisingly, was the desserts.  Specifically my grandmother’s coconut pie.  This is surprising because I’m not much of a sweet eater (as most of you know), therefore, not hard to resist.  THIS was hard to resist.  Honestly, had I only been a few days into my Whole30, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have taken a bite.  BUT, I didn’t.  And I’m proud.

So…with 3 days left, I’m pondering what will be my first non-Whole30 thing to eat/drink.  I have a feeling it will be a pumpkin spiced latte and possibly a visit to Old West Cafe.  We’ll see…

Now I’m working on a note.blog.whateveryouwanttocallit. about Whole30 vs. Weight Watchers.  Since I’ve done both, I’ll compare my feelings towards both.  Should be interesting and fun.

So…lastly is this.  My gym is doing a Whole30 challenge.  IN JANUARY.  I think it was originally going to be in December but I didn’t realize everyone wasn’t doing it until I was too far into it to quit.  I’m saying that I’m not going to do it.  I’m not doing two Whole30 challenges back to back.  But… … … I guess I might.  I WILL have a 4 day break between that will give me a chance to eat the crap I’ve wanted to eat the past few weeks but I’m just not sure I want to go Whole30 again for another month.  I like my cheats.  And I want them back! LOL

I’ll think about it.  Although I’m heavily leaning on the side of “Heck NO!” 🙂



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