Whole30 Day 12

Okay.  I’m 12 days into my first Whole30.  That’s nearly half-way done.

So lets have a chat.

Things people say to me:

“Why on earth did you choose December??  How are you going to even enjoy Christmas?” Since when was food the point of Christmas?  or make it unenjoyable just because I have to eat differently than you?

“Well, since you’re on a diet, I guess you can’t go out.” First of all, I’m not on a ‘diet’ in the traditional sense of the word.  Rather eating the way my body needs me to perfectly for 30 days.  Secondly, does this leave me strapped to my kitchen for 30 days? Absolutely not.

“Just take one bite.  It’s really not going to hurt you.” First, um…thanks for the support. ??  Second…If you understood the purpose behind Whole30 (or cared to listen to me tell you why) you would understand that ‘just one bite’ sets me back to square one.  So yes, one bite really will hurt me.

“I showed my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend your pictures and he/she said they would never eat that way.  Oh well!” Are you not your own person?  You choose what you eat.  HE/SHE does NOT choose what you eat.  If Leighton chose not to eat like I do, he’d be fending for himself because I’m the cook.  He eats what I cook or doesn’t eat.  (but to be clear, Leighton is extremely supportive of our healthy lifestyle) YOU make the change first.  When they see the effects (affects? I think it’s effects…) of your diet (or when they get tired of  fending for themselves) they will catch on.  You will win them over.  I promise.

“It’s too hard/expensive/bland/inconvenient to eat healthy.” No. It’s. Not. You have to learn to shop smart and buy in-season.  Shop at your local farmer’s market, buy what’s on sale.  And trust me, my food is neither bland nor inconvenient.  Even if you do end up spending $20 or $30 more a week in groceries, that is nothing compared to the medical costs of an overweight and/or unhealthy person.  And the older you get, the worse and more expensive it gets.  I’ll take my $1 red pepper over your $200/mo diabetic medication bill.  Yea, thanks.

It really frustrates and surprises me that people can be so condescending when you try to eat differently better than everyone else.  I’ve learned to just look at them and shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t know…I just did.”

Other things people say to me:

“Wow, that looks really healthy!  How did you make it?” Yessss!!  I usually have a handy-dandy link to send on.  I find all of my great food finds online!!

“Dang.  Every time I see you at lunch you have the most colorful plate.  It makes me want to eat healthy, too.” Again, yesssss!!  And I’m always willing to give advice and direction to anyone that wants it.

“I showed my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend your pictures and he/she thinks it’s crazy but I’m going to try it anyway!” Awesome!  As I was saying earlier, once they see results in you, you’ll have them hooked.  (and when they see how easy it really is.)

“Why are you eating this way?” or  “Can you show me how you make ______?” Okay, I have GOT to get better about posting the recipes that I use to cook what I cook.  I promise I’ll try!  But if you ask, I will always tell you how I made something.

I love it when people talk to me and are actually supportive of what I am doing.  I’m also thankful to have befriended so many of my CrossFit peeps so I have a little mini support group for my Whole30 on facebook.  I encourage your positive feed back…and even the negative.  I want to hear what you have to say but I also want you to listen to what I have to say about it.  Don’t brush me off and tell me I’m crazy or what I do is too hard.  Because it is neither.

Okay.  So there’s my rant about the last 12 days.  Here’s what I’ve been feeling and going through.

Last time I posted, I was on day 2.  Completely miserable.  Well, that cleared up by the weekend.  Guess what that means?  It took me a complete seven days to recover from my bad choices at Thanksgiving.  No thanks.  No food binge is worth 7 days of ‘recovery.’  Next time it’ll be one day, one meal and in much more reasonable portions.

So, by day 7 I had my energy back.  Since then, I’ve felt great.  I really haven’t gone through the phases others go through during the middle of their Whole30.  However, I have noticed an increase in energy and my workouts have gotten better.  Even my coughrunningcough has gotten better easier.  I even ran to the car last night (ahead of my grandparents to get it warmed up…awwww….such a sweet granddaughter) about 800m and got there only slightly winded.  Go me!

Something annoying I’ve noticed…  After eating a meal. A meal that, when finished, I feel completely full.  I’m hungry 15 to 20 minutes later.  And not for a meal.  I want a snack.  And I know you (us) Paleo people are going to say to eat nuts, raw veggies, Lara bars or even fruit.  But those just. don’t. do it.  I really want chips, chips & dip, chips & guac, cheese….everything I can’t have.  When I try to eat something -good- it just doesn’t hit the spot…so I’m basically left with that craving until it eventually goes away.  And sometimes it’s hours.  Its a really good thing I cleared out all of the snack food in my house because I’m afraid I may have broken down and gone for it by now.

I’ve successfully eaten out 7 or so times and done it like a champ.  I even ate at a Mexican restaurant last night and didn’t touch single chip or bit of cheese.  I’ve really proven to myself this month that it’s really not as hard as I thought it would be to resist bad foods at a restaurant.  I’ve really been proud of myself for making good choices and not having to sacrifice convenience or social fun for the sake of my Whole30.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll wrap up so I can be ready for CrossFit tomorrow morning bright and early! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 12

  1. AND, regarding the last bit there – the longer you go without cheating or a slip-up, the easier it is keep it up…it’s almost like it’s harder to remember the taste of what you crave, so you can’t exactly materialize it….just my 2¢

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