Whole30 Day 1

Day 1 temptations already!!  I thought maybe it would take a few days for the temptations to kick in.  WRONG.

First of all, I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight Tuesday night.  This caused me to sleep straight through (as in…don’t even remember hitting the snooze button!!) my 4:30 a.m. CrossFit alarm.  I really, really could have used some coffee yesterday morning.  REALLY.  I was still dragging well into the afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon my friend, Mary, e-mailed me and invited me to her company party (um…she happens to work for Budweiser) this Saturday night.  Uh yeah I’ll go!  We have a free hotel room so we don’t have to drive home from downtown Dallas.  I was already thinking about the delicious food they always have and the yummy (free) drink concoctions we always get.  Then *poof* I jumped out of my dream bubble and came back to reality and remembered I’m on my Whole30.  Dang it!!

I knew this month would be a hard month for Whole 30 but only because of Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I forgot all about all the parties and events that happen in December.  Dang it!!  Well, a challenge is a challenge and a promise is a promise.  I’ve promised myself I would finish this and I will.

Here goes day 2…


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