November Wrap Up

So, here’s a wrap up of November…November challenges…reminder:

I will not cheat until Thanksgiving.  I didn’t almost didn’t cheat until Thanksgiving.  Except for a couple Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Rosas the Wednesday before Thanksgiving…I did pretty good.
I will rock the double unders this month.  Well, I’ve upped my max from 1 double under to 8 double unders in a row.  I would call that a success!  That is 8 with one jump in between.  I can do 3 in a row without a jump in between.  Woop!
I will learn to love burpees this month.  Nope. Nope. Nope.  Still don’t love burpees.  BUT, I did do a lot of burpees. Between the Dirty Thirty, the Turkey Burpee, Monday’s workout, and Becca’s challenge I’m burpee’d out.  That’s all I have to say about that.
I will stay focused this month. Well, the day after my blog post I stayed at work until nearly 8 p.m.  HOWEVER, not since then and as of right now…I’m ahead at work!! DURING year end!! YEAH!
I am number 1 this month. I came pretty close… 🙂

The Turkey Burpee lived up to all the hype.  It was SO fun and SO worth it!! I cannot wait until next year.  I was so proud watching my husband kick butt during the workout and so proud of myself for even finishing it with all those awful burpees.  Videos to come later… 😀


All in all I did pretty well.  I slipped here and there but got right back up and kept on going.  THAT is what counts. Thanks for all my supporters!! On to December…where an even bigger and more important challenge awaits me…


Stay tuned…


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