You have it better than you think

I complain. I gripe. I pout. I groan. I moan.

What about you? Why? What do we have to complain about? Thanksgiving, of course, makes you realize what you are thankful for and how good you really have it.

Why do we only do this at Thanksgiving? Probably the same reason we only appreciate mom on Mother’s Day and dad on Father’s day. Or the same reason you only buy your wife flowers on Valentine’s Day or thank our veterans on Veteran’s Day.

People (me included) think that flat tires, cold weather, a broken dryer and a broken air conditioner ruin our entire day. Why? Change the damn tire, put on a coat, hang them up to dry and get a fan! You’ve got it better than you think. (I actually listed how it could be worse…but…decided not to bring down the mood. You know.)

Well…here’s my gratitude campaign. Better Than You Think.

This is why I have it better than I think:

  1. Most recently on my mind because of recent pains of a few friends…I have a truly honest, loving, helpful and faithful husband. Who actively…on a daily basis…works to make us better. Even though we already have it pretty good!
  2. I’ve found myself. I really have. I’m no longer confused about money, love and life. I was talking to my (amazing) stylist and her girlfriend a few weeks ago and they mentioned to me that they wish they “had it all together” like me. I don’t feel like I have it all together…but, you know what? I have the big stuff together. I’ve got my finances in order, my eating in order, my fitness in order. I mean…I just might be a -real- grownup now. Huh. I’m really, really happy. That is the most important thing.
  3. My family is unconditionally supportive. No matter what I do or how bad I screw up, I can always go back to my family for support. It may be tough love, but I still know it’s love.

These are my top 3 for now and will post more later (maybe it will be my Sunday tradition…) but what about you? What is your Better Than You Think? Does a headache or bad traffic ruin your entire day? Don’t let something that minute get you down! Be positive. Think positive. You have it better than you think.


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