Sorry I have not written in a while…as you can tell by my previous posts last month…I’ve been swamped!!

Anyway…on to blogging!

We face challenges every single day. Whether it’s at work, sitting in traffic, eating, working out…whatever it is…you’ll always have challenges.

Here are my challenges this month:

  1. Cheating — I’ve been ‘cheating’ on my eating habits way, way too much. It was my birthday last week but still…cheated way too much. A major challenge for me this month will be not cheating until Thanksgiving. I’ve got to stop having “a little this” and “a little that.” I’ve got to prepare for January when Leighton and I will be starting the Whole30 challenge. I will not cheat this month until Thanksgiving.
  2. Double Unders — This is the CrossFit challenge of the month. Last month it was pull ups but I didn’t participate since I was gone most of the month. This month I will work on double unders. I’ve finally gotten where I can do 3 or 4 in a row (sometimes) so I’d really like to improve that to at least 10 or 15. We’ll see!! I’ll update you November 30. Wanna know about double unders? Check them out…here. I will rock the double unders this month.
  3. Burpees — Yuck. Gag. I. hate. burpees. And that’s saying it very, very nicely. I cannot stand them. They make me want to rip my hair out. This is Becca’s November challenge. I’m taking it like a champ and will do 15 every day (possibly twice a day…) so that I can improve my skill. My goal by the end of the month will be to do 20 unbroken. And despite me wanting to count today out (you know…since I JUST learned of the challenge an hour or so ago…it’s too late, right??) I’m not going to do it. I’m gonna get up and go do my 15 stinkin’ burpees. Wanna know what a burpee is? Click here. (and I’m not talking about the modified version the girl is doing…I mean real.freaking.burpees.) I will learn to love burpees this month.
  4. Year End — Year end is fast approaching at work. I’ve got to force myself this month to stay on task, stay ahead of my deadlines and work as efficiently as I possibly can. I always end up getting bogged down and buried during year end and I hate it. My challenge this year will be staying one step ahead of the game. No 12 hour workdays this year! (well…we’ll see…) I will stay focused this month.
  5. CrossFit — CrossFit has been a challenge for me lately. Staying motivated and feeling good about myself after a workout. Sometimes it is really, really hard to not be disappointed in myself. I AM proud of my progress with my strength training. However, I do not feel that my Met-Cons are getting much better. I know that is in part because my attendance this month has been sporadic at best. I’ve got to challenge myself to put me back in the #1 spot and start saying “no” again. Stop hitting the snooze at 4:30 a.m. and just get up and get going! I am number 1 this month.

So what are your challenges this month? Today? This week? This year? How are you going to meet those challenges and stare them straight in the face? Would you like to join me in facing any of MY challenges?? I welcome you to and … well … I really want you to! I need some support you know… šŸ™‚ My November challenges will be listed on my Facebook page under my picture.

And a side note…I plan on attending the Whole9 workshop in Houston on January 8. I learned so much last time that I want to go back and focus on really absorbing the technical aspect of the workshop. Anyone interested let me know!! You can register here and if you’ve been before you can get a 50% discount for you and/or your parents! It’s a drive but I’m telling you…it is worth it!


2 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. good stuff JL!

    In regards to met-con (metabolic conditioning) progress seeming slow, don’t get wrapped up in that. Continue to push through each workout!

    A few tips to consider to help improve met-con performance:
    -Don’t stop for water. get a swig before, then hide it and don’t stop for it. you might be surprised at how much this can slow a workout down. you think oh it’s only 10 seconds between rounds, but when you have 4-5 rounds thats 40-50 wasted seconds.
    -under scale a bit so you can feel what it is like to “blow through” a wod unbroken. if you have never done 30 kb swings unbroken, then your haven’t experienced 30 swings unbroken. start with lighter weights, focus on form and then when you are crushing wod’s increase weight a bit. THIS WORKS!
    -change your outlook. don’t be concerned about how difficult it looks, attack it and DON”T stop til you are finished.
    -push your limits! when you want to stop, suck it up and keep going. this mentality really helped me learn that my body can do a whole lot more than what my mind thinks it can.
    -last and not least. relax! šŸ™‚ you are just working out and you should enjoy it. step up, smile, kill the wod, then smile again.

    On a side note, glad to have you and L8on in our CFDC family!


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