So! Just got back from Las Vegas last Wednesday night.  What a blast!  The trip was a much needed getaway and I was so glad to be able to spend it with so many friends. I have SO much to talk about…I don’t think I can even write it all down but I will try!

First of all, let me address the near catastrophes that threatened to ruin my entire vacation.  Thursday night, the night before I left, Leighton and I went to have dinner with our friends Michael and Megan Lowrance.  I was walking into the Cheesecake Factory and stepped off a curb and suddenly felt my back go “Nuh uh!”  It was 7:40 at night and my flight was the next morning.  How was I going to get to the chiropractor???? Well, thankfully I’m good at facebook stalking and tracked my chiropractor down on facebook and begged him to see me in the morning.  He called me within 20 minutes and said he’d see me at 7:15 in the morning!  YES!! Disaster #1 averted!

Disaster #2 I dropped my purse behind a row of chairs (and didn’t know it!) and a very nice man that was boarding the plane at the next gate came over and picked it up and told me I dropped it.  AAHHH!! Thank goodness for Good Samaritans. Disaster #2 averted!

And lastly, I got Leighton’s itinerary for his flight on Sunday mixed up with MY Friday itinerary!  His flight was at 9:45 a.m. and mine was at 8:30…so I got to the airport about 8 and was taking my sweet time since I didn’t think my flight was until 9:45.  I got to the gate at 8:20 and at 8:30 they called my name and informed me that my flight was about to leave me!! EEK!! Disaster #3 averted!

Food.  Oh my gosh…was I excited about the food. I wanted to eat SO many places.  Unfortunately…I did not get to eat at many that I wanted to.  For the first 2 days I was pretty much limited to the restaurant choices in my hotel.  Not that there weren’t good choices! I just wanted to get out and try so many other things!!  Well, here are my “reviews” in no particular order of some of the restaurants I visited!  Also, this goes without saying, but the food there was ridiculously expensive! GRR!

Isla Mexican Kitchen (Treasure Island) – This was some great Mexican food!  Their salsa was awesome! They gave you three different kinds to try and they were all three wonderful.  If you like spicy, though, none of them were really spicy.  I had the chicken flautas.  I have no idea why I got them.  I’ve tried flautas on multiple occasions and have never liked them and…quite frankly, I still didn’t like them but I tried Leighton’s food and it was DE-LISH! (as Rachael Ray would say!)  Also, I’m not much of a beans and rice fan but theirs was amazing!

Kahunaville (Treasure Island) – Big disappointment.  I really thought this was going to be really good.  I had the appetizer nachos and, for one, it took them forever to bring me my food.  On top of that, it was cold when I got it.  I was not impressed.  Tim and Melissa joined me later and I stole some fries and those were really good. 🙂  Not worth the money though.

The Buffet (Treasure Island) – Not worth $30.  That is all.

Stripburger (Fashion Show Mall) – Uh-Freaking-Mazing. The burgers were great, the fries were great, the drinks were great and the service was great! (Something the Treasure Island restaurants were seriously lacking) I got the blue cheese burger and Leighton got the ground ahi tuna burger (yes…a TUNA burger!).  Both were fabulous! We also split the garlic fries…mmmmm….had little chunks of garlic all in them!  The drinks were fabulous too…I highly suggest this place on your next visit!!!

Serendipity 3 (Caesar’s Palace) – Oh yum yum yum! Get the frozen hot chocolate for sure.  I didn’t order one myself but I had a few bites of Heather’s! It was wonderful and the patio was fun to sit on and people watch while we ate.

Cabo Wabo (Miracle Mile Mall) – Chips & salsa were fantastic, service sucked and the food was pretty good.  Tamales were a disaster but everything else was great! Drinks too!

Gambling … I didn’t do too much of it.  Never really do when I go to Vegas.  I did play blackjack for about 5 hours Saturday night.  It was great entertainment and the dealer was fantastic!

The Wedding

SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!  I think it went off just about perfectly.  I’m so happy for Melissa and Tim.  Melissa and I spent Sunday morning and some of the afternoon getting our hair done, nails done, makeup done and having fun. We had to fire the makeup lady for being a rude jerk but the second one was much better and much nicer.  Janice, Melissa’s mom, brought us lunch and we scarfed it down in a hurry between appointments.  Only a few little mishaps happened but, thanks to Janice (and Joel being awesome for running to Walgreens and finding an awesome sewing kit!), all were fixed and everything ended up okay!  Kyrsten’s zipper completely broke (the zippers on our dresses were ridiculous and nearly impossible to zip) so Janice had to literally sew her into the dress.  Then, Melissa’s hook on her dress broke so she had to sew a new loop for it to hook to at the last minute.  I stepped on Melissa’s dress and nearly pulled a Leighton (nearly ripped her bustle out).

Long story short, we got to the chapel, took pictures, signed some stuff and handed over some money.  Elvis and two pirates showed up to the wedding (FABULOUS!), Melissa kissed Tim before she was supposed to (haha!), Tim started saying his vows towards the minister guy rather than Melissa (I whispered to him to look at her! :)), everyone that watched online got a great view down my dress so I hear and it was fun, gorgeous and completely Maliki.  It was so gorgeous and simple.  I loved it. I love her. I love them!

Afterwards, Kyrsten, Joel, Leighton and I hopped in a cab to head back to the hotel.  We all had dinner and then walked the strip! (in heels!!!)  What a great day!!!

And all the rest….The last part of our trip was visiting our friends Jozef and his wife, Heather.  We walked the strip with Joz Monday night and he showed us some interesting stuff and we gambled away $20 or so in a few slot machines.  Great, relaxing night.  Tuesday Leighton and I hung out on The Strip all day. Walking, talking, visiting, dreaming.  We met up with Joz and Heather at Serendipity 3 for dinner and then we were off to see Zumanity.  Great show but not really what I wanted from a Cirque show.  Next time I will save up the money and go for O or Ka. Well, overall we had a great time.  6 days felt like 20 which is always fantastic on vacation!


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