Time Management…I don’t have it…YET

Made some great food the other night…check it out

Steak-Spinach Salad (I did not make the potatoes)

I grilled two sirloin steaks marinated in my grandpa’s secret sauce (no idea what’s in it!) on the grill.  It was supposed to be cooked to medium, but they got cooked to well done.  Also, they were not tenderized enough so the meat was tougher than I would have liked.  *note to self for next time.   It was great other than that.  Who knew steak sauce + EVOO would be a good salad dressing???

Zucchini & Feta Fritters

This was the basic recipe I used (mine was from a magazine so this was the closest online I could find).  I used 3 zucchini (1 1/4 lbs), 2 scallions instead of the onion, and no mint or red pepper flakes, and dill instead of parsley.  When preparing it, I combined everything except the flour into a bowl.  After everything was mixed together, I sprinkled the flour in as I continued stirring it.  Everything else was basically the same.  I did heat the oven to 200 deg. while I was cooking the batches so they wouldn’t get cold.  Also, you must, must, must do what it says in the beginning and get ALL the water out of the zucchini!  Mine were still good but I know they were soggier than they should have been. 😦  Next time, I will make sure they are good and wrung out and I’m also going to try to cook them on my new griddle I bought this weekend!  ALSO, the recipe I used called for 2 c of feta cheese.  I only used 1 c which I believe is about 8 oz.  I’m not sure, but it was PLENTY.  I do not recommend using more.  I’m going to try it next time with either blue cheese or goat cheese.  I may also try it some time with italian squash or maybe even cucumber.

Grilled Ratatouille Salad

This was EASY and good!! The only thing that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be was the eggplant.  While grilling, I pulled the steaks and all the veggies off onto the same pan so the eggplant soaked up some of the steak juices and it made them taste a little funky. Also, I cooked them for the recommended time but they were still tough and not really cooked through.  I may have sliced them too thick.  I’m not sure.  Also, I do not recommend grilling the tomatoes unless you hollow them out, then slice them.  They basically just turned into much…but good mush!! LOL  Next time I make it, I will probably replace the tomatoes with squash or zucchini though.  Leighton and I are not very big tomato fans and he makes faces every time I make him try it. 🙂  I had some questions about my red bell pepper slicing. I slice my bell peppers by cutting the top off and then seeding it with my hands.  I pull out the white flesh as much as I can.  Then I take a sharp knife and slice it just like an onion.  Then, after it is sliced, I removed any other remaining white flesh I didn’t get before.

This meal took a bit longer than I wanted but everything was great re-heated! Not AS good, but still good leftovers!!

So, that’s a food update for now.  Have a few others to post…I’ll get around to it sometime! 🙂

CrossFit has been going great.  Last week was my first full, 5-day week at CrossFit.  I’m down a solid 6 lbs now, so that’s good.  I’m slowly trying to adjust my diet to my new workout routine. I need to eat more…but my brain tells me eating more is BAD…but I NEED to eat more to give my body the fuel it needs for the workouts I’m doing.  Dave told me I need to eat a lot more than I do.  Some days…well…every day I have no idea how I could possibly eat more!! Especially breakfast.  But, slowly, I’m trying to rid myself of the mindset that I can’t eat very much if I want to lose weight.  My dairy intake has drastically been reduced…with the exception of cheese.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to give up cheese.  I eat very little bread and pasta (which I never ate a lot to begin with…except for Mexican).

Things I’m still struggling with:

  • Eating enough food
  • Not eating Mexican
  • Cheese
  • Eating out for lunch
  • Pickles/Pickled Okra (shut up.)
  • Managing my workouts and my cooking times. I don’t end up eating until nearly 8 p.m. every night then I have to clean up so I’m not usually done until closer to 9.  I cannot keep up that schedule.  I need to find a system where I can work out, cook dinner and be done by 8.  I’ve tried cooking on Sundays but its still gone by Monday or Tuesday night.  I dunno…if you have tips, let me know.

There are more, but these are the main ones right now.  But, my diet is better, my work outs are better so I’m still making progress.

Well…until next time… 🙂


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