Day Three…

Today is day three of my eating right.   Here’s a synopsis of feelings and workouts…

Man…Monday was killer.  And I mean killer.  Trying to not snack…making a healthy choice at lunch (Jimmy Johns Unwich with lots of veggies…and no chips).  I did make it the entire day without snacking (unhealthy) and then ended it with CrossFit.

CrossFit was a massive fail on Monday.  I couldn’t do a squat right, I couldn’t do a lunge right…I was just off.  The whole time.  A workout that was about half as hard as I’ve done there in the past completely kicked my butt.  It was terribly discouraging. I was angry with myself afterwards and I’m still a little irked at myself to be honest with you!

Tuesday…better.  Much better.  I still stuck to my healthy eating plan and said no to potentially unhealthy lunch plans (since I brought my own healthy lunch!!).  Tuesday, food-wise, went a lot better than Monday.  I didn’t struggle quite as much and it was a lot easier in the evening to eat right.  I’m sure a lot of that had to do with the fact that I purged my pantry and fridge of virtually everything that I shouldn’t be eating.  2 1/2 trash bags worth, in fact.  Most of it was donated to some very hungry teenage boys, but some of it was just tossed.

And that brings us to … today.  Breakfast went well…2 boiled eggs, 1/2 c carrots, 1/2 avocado ($0.77 at Sprouts right now BTW).  I was running late this morning and forgot to grab something for lunch.  Kenny & I met Mike up at Chipotle and I made as good of a choice as I could there (steak “bowl” but it just had steak, grilled onions & peppers, corn salsa, pico, easy sour cream, easy cheese, lettuce; tea) and I didn’t really eat all of it…about 3/4.  CrossFit went MUCH better today. Workout was to complete 4 of 6 workouts: Lap around the building in less than 1:30, 12 push ups, 50 squats, 250 m row in less than 1:20, 15 box jumps 19″ in less than 1:00, 20 sit-ups in less than a minute.  I did all of them except for the squats.  Lap: 1:29:06 (Hey, it was close but I made it!), push ups, Row: 54 sec, box jumps: 56 sec, sit ups: 44 sec.  The hardest thing for me were the box jumps.  I’m slightly scared of falling flat on my face but at the same time, I wanted to finish the damn things. I was sure I wasn’t going to make it (and I’m not completely sure that David’s watch isn’t a little slow! LOL) but I did…with 4 seconds to spare.  🙂 I was so proud of myself.  I finished 5 of the 6 and probably could have done the squats if I had about 10 more minutes.

And the food details…

Monday for dinner I had roast that Leighton made.  I know its not the healthiest thing in the world but I did remove as much fat as I could and cooked it without all the fatty stuff. I had some raw zucchini and a clementine with it.

Tuesday for dinner I ran to Sprouts and got some of the lemon pepper chicken kabobs and cooked those up on the grill.  Then I made sautéed brussels sprouts and baked zucchini with evoo and oregano.  It was great…loved it.

Today for dinner I made an as-healthy-as-I-can-make-it enchilada casserole.  I browned 97% lean ground beef and then rinsed with water (I know, sounds gross…but it gets rid of excess fat), then I sautéed onions, added 1 can of tomato sauce and 1/2 c water.  I added the beef back in and let the sauce thicken. I then grabbed a bowl and put a layer of the mixture, some low-fat cheese on top then a corn tortilla on top (just found these AMAZING ones at Tom Thumb that look like they were made 5 minutes ago!! sooooo goood) and repeat that until you run out of mixture (3-4 times).  Then cover and put in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Topped with Rotel and fat free sour cream and serve.  Yummy!! Had a clementine too. 🙂

We talked about breakfast ideas and got a new great idea I made tonight and will try in the morning!! 🙂  Omelets made in baggies boiled in water.  I know it sounds nuts…but its great!! If anyone wants the recipe, just ask and I’ll share!!  I’ve posted a couple of pics on Facebook. 🙂

I also need to put a note in here about my amazing husband.  He’s been doing CrossFit for 3 weeks now and he is doing awesome!!  He’s also turned a complete 180 with his eating.  It is going to be so much easier since we are both in it together!! I just love him to pieces.  Vegas, here we come!! Hotter and healthier!! 10.10.10


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