My 6 Week Challenge

I’m starting a six week diet/exercise so I can get ready for Maliki’s wedding! I’ve already been in the process of starting to eat healthier and starting to be more active as you’ve seen in my previous posts.

This next six weeks will be brutal, though. I will have no “splurge” meals and of course no alcohol, sodas or anything of that sort. (not that I really drink sodas anymore…) If I really want to see results, I have to commit. So, tonight, I commit. I’m cleaning out my pantry, fridge and freezer of all temptation this weekend. If anyone wants my bad food, let me know!! I’m cleaning it out!! I won’t be on a specific diet except it will be heavy in vegetables and fruit with a little bit of lean meat and very little, if any, processed foods.

I am committed to CrossFit five days a week already. Sometimes things come up and I cannot go that often so when I can’t make it the full 5, I’ll head to 24-hour Fitness the other two days and get in a workout. Since I’m in the 101 class, I’ll probably be heading to 24 a couple days a week for cardio since I only go to CF right now 2-3 days a week for the class. As soon as I’m released from the 101 class to full CrossFit classes, I’ll be there all five days when my schedule allows.

So, I ask you, my friends, to please understand when I turn down offers of unhealthy food outings or the new drink you made. It’s no offense to you…just trying to get this body in shape!


2 thoughts on “My 6 Week Challenge

  1. I am so proud of you! I’m working on the same thing and believe me……I know how hard it is. Good luck!! I’m behind you all the way sista!!

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