A little behind…

Sorry its been a while.  I’m a little behind lately…

Weight Loss/Exercise Goals Update…

My next goal in my journey is to join CrossFit and get my butt in shape. Melissa might have a cute little skinny girl in the wedding with me so I REALLY gotta shape up now!! LOL 🙂 Plus, my 10 year high school reunion is coming up next year (wah wah waaaahhhhhh) and that just gives me extra motivation to get in shape.

Has anyone had any experience with CrossFit?  Do you have any suggestions?  Does anyone go to the Lewisville location?  I’d love to find a workout partner!  It could potentially be expensive but I am cutting some things out of my entertainment budget in order to afford it.

I haven’t lost a lot of weight overall but I am feeling better. I had a blood test done a couple of weeks ago and just got the results back today.  It was the first time I have EVER had negative blood test results.  I had 2 “at risk” levels.  BMI and Triglycerides. I nearly cried when I saw it.  Like the doctor is officially saying, “You’re fat and unhealthy.”  Bad news from Doc = More motivation.

I ran into a little issue with my knee where it was having some problems. I finally went to the doctor Monday afternoon and, once again, I have been given more motivation to shape my body up.  My inner thigh muscle is weaker than my outer thigh, therefore my knee cap is pulling sideways and giving me pain.  He gave me an anti-inflammatory and told me to start working out or it was just going to get worse (Side note/soapbox: This is why our nation is so overweight and obese. When you have problems because of your weight, instead of saying, “Well, its because you’re fat and you need to take better care of yourself,” they just write you a prescription.  I am not typically the type to just take a pill and move on.  I HATE pills.  So I will not take the pills only.  I will start working out and treat the CAUSE rather than putting a bandaid on it. /off soapbox).

Eating/Cooking/Vegetarian Update…

I have been eating better and doing okay on my meatless Monday’s.  I cheated (oops) last Monday because I had a mad craving for some Chipotle chicken tacos.  I’m upping my vegetarian days, though.  I will have two meatless days per week.  I will still keep Meatless Mondays but I will also pick another day out of the week.  It’ll vary by week, but I’ll always have two.  Eventually I’ll move to Meatless Weeks and only eating meat on weekends but I still feel that’s a little while off.  Its really hard for me on weeks like these last few days where I’ve not had a chance (or the energy) to cook.

I’ve got some great recipes from my friend, Lindsey, and I’m headed out tomorrow for a couple of cookbooks.  I plan on trying The Ultimate Vegetarian Cookbook and New Vegetarian. I’m really excited about them. 🙂  Actually, I may head to Half Priced Books right now to see if they have them used so I can go shopping tomorrow.

In Life…

Life is great lately (personal life, that is ;))!  Leighton is traveling and still loving what he does and I’m busy playing with dogs, planning barbecues, going to pool parties (Come on 24th!! HHPPC!!! :)), going to weddings, planning weddings, finding wedding gowns, searching out cool Vegas places, finding bridesmaid dresses and anything quirky I can for Melissa’s wedding.  In fact, I’m having so much more fun planning/helping with her wedding than I did mine.  I think its because I love to see her so happy.  When you talk about the wedding with her, she just lights up!  I’m so happy for her and Tim.  I’m excited for what the summer holds and the fall as well.  I’m trying to make positive changes in my body, my life and my mind.  I will be in a better place in the months to come (even better than now!) if I just keep up my goals for a healthy lifestyle.

So excited. 🙂

I’m not ready to post a weight update yet. 😦  I will post my first weight update July 31.  Wish me luck!


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