Things I made yesterday….

Beef Tenderloin with homemade Terragon Butter

This was not the exact recipe. The exact recipe is in a Weight Watchers cookbook but this is the closest I could find to show you.  I wished the WW recipe had given me the info on how to shape the butter…but it didn’t so I slopped it on all unpretty like 🙂

I also made Spicy Onion Tartlets to go with the tenderloin.  These were not as successful.  I could not find the phyllo shells so I had to make my own.  That was more/less successful.  They probably would have tasted better if I’d had a little better cooking skill than I do 🙂  The filling was great…it was just the shell that was questionable.  And I think I added a little too much Gruyere to the fillling…but I love cheese so its ok…

Here’s what it looked like (after the butter melted)…

And while I was making our dinner, I prepared my veggie chili for Meatless Monday.  It takes forever to make, plus really needs to sit overnight to be good so I decided to make it Sunday night.  Get the recipe here.

Tips for this recipe:

  1. Make it the night before…you’ll thank me later.  It’s great the night of…but SO much better the day after!!!
  2. I typically add 2 or 3 more cups of broth because I like it more of a stew than chili
  3. I like to add avocado chunks to the topping when I make it but I forgot this time.
  4. Try to find Emril’s Southwest Essence…if you can’t (like me) here’s a link to the recipe for Emril’s Southwest Essence. I’m going to make it myself next time since no one seems to carry it.  If you find some place that does, let me know!
  5. Be careful when topping with sour cream.  You want the chili to be hot, but not too hot or the sour cream will not taste so good anymore!! 🙂
  6. In the past I’ve added extra beans and less tomatoes (we’re not tomato fans) and that also tasted great.
  7. Use Mexican diced tomatoes instead of regular diced…gives it a lot more flavor and spice
  8. I cover it while it simmers…the recipe doesn’t call for it but, like I said, I like it a little more soupy! 🙂

Here’s what mine looks like nearly done….

We had vegetarian chili tonight with Emril’s Vegetarian Egg Rolls.  The chili is always successful but this is only my second time making egg rolls.  I don’t have a thermometer so the oil was too hot at first so they were all bubbly and overcooked on the outside and the first few were undercooked on the inside.  I’ll invest in a thermometer before attempting these again.  Also, don’t waste your money on the dry mustard.  Thank goodness Sprouts is awesome and lets you buy spices by the oz or I would have wasted money on that.  The mustard sauce was awful so we just ate it with regular low sodium soy sauce.  I’ll also likely cook them in good ol’ vegetable oil next time since the peanut oil cost me $7 and wasn’t really even enough.  Probably needed another 1/2 bottle or so.

My tips for this recipe:

  1. Have a thermometer!
  2. Don’t waste your money on peanut oil
  3. Don’t waste your time julienning veggies.  Just buy the packaged shredded broccoli and carrots mixture.  Saves you lots of time and energy.
  4. Don’t waste your time on the mustard sauce.
  5. And something I learned in the past about egg roll wrappers…make sure you DO NOT get them wet while preparing!! They will all stick together!! Wait until you’re ready to roll (and you’re ready to wrap the egg roll) before you wet it.
  6. Wet the egg rolls with your finger…not a brush.  It just takes the tiniest amount of water.

Sorry…no pic of the egg rolls…they were disasterous looking.  But they were an alright eat.  Leighton even went back for seconds. 🙂

I’m hopefully going to have enough chili to last me a few days’ dinner 🙂  Next I’m going to cook tortilla soup. We’ll see how that turns out later this week.


2 thoughts on “Cooking…

  1. I must clarify here that the egg rolls were NOT horribly-shaped, they weren’t perfectly round and a little more oval-ish but they were good! Hence the seconds….

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