Jillian…Kick it!

As some of you know, I have been really trying to get myself motivated to start losing some weight.  I did Jillian Michael’s Wii workout for the fourth time tonight.  I haven’t done it in about a week and I’m irritated at myself about that (however I was out-of-town for five of those days…), but I did jump back on the bandwagon tonight.  But it wasn’t easy.

I came home from work with some daunting (in my mind) tasks.  I needed to clean the kitchen, the living room and pick up my guest bedroom to look presentable for some guests that I’m having this weekend…plus work out.  On my way home I fought urge after urge after urge to stop at Chipotle for dinner.  I didn’t need the calories, nor did I need to spend the money when I had leftovers from last night sitting here at home.  I fought through it and ate leftovers (victory! yay!).  My problem is when things get daunting, I get discouraged and then I just don’t do them at all.  So.  I sat here and ate leftovers from last night (taco something or another with scalloped potatoes), then I ate a pickle…then some gherkins…then some Fritos and dip…then 2 mini vanilla oreos…and I wanted to eat more than that.  I eat when I’m bored and I eat when I’m overwhelmed.

Finally, I thought about my weight…and an ever approaching mark that I never want to touch…and a wedding I have am in in October…and I got my butt off the couch at about 9:00 and turned on my Wii.  I’m just not going to let this bother me any more.  I really had half a mind to go on a rampage and throw every non-healthy thing out of my house (open things trash, new things donate) immediately.  But I’m not sure what Leighton would have to say about that.  But seriously…I’m thisclose to doing it.  If it’s not there, I won’t eat it.  I will not be tempted.  I can keep from buying things…but once they’re bought, its fair game.

I’m also taking a move towards vegetarianism.  On top of the fact that its better for the environment (not to mention protesting the harmful way animals are treated during their raising and slaughtering…and the hormones and antibiotics they are pumped with)…it’s a healthier lifestyle.  I have a few friends (Sarah, Melissa, Lynsy, and possibly my sister, Cassie) that are trying this or already doing it with me.  Right now, its meatless Monday.  I will have to start setting a reminder in the morning because I forgot the last two Mondays.  I’m going to try for meatless weekends plus Mondays in the coming weeks and after that, no meat.

I’ve all but eliminated sodas from my diet.  And I’ve completely eliminated diet soda.  After reading a couple of books and articles, I have learned that diet soda is really way worse for you than regular soda!  I’ll take the extra calories, you can keep your cancer.

All I ask of you, my friends, is to be supportive.  I’m trying to create a healthier lifestyle for me and for my husband, too (since half of what he eats will be what I put in front of him).

So here is my accountability to you…

  1. I will work out at least 3 days per week for 15 minutes.  In 2 weeks, I will work out 3 days a week for 30 minutes.
  2. I hope to be within 20 pounds of my weight goal by Melissa’s wedding.  If I could make my goal, that would be AWESOME!
  3. Now here’s the hard part…I’m putting it all out there to everyone so that I am accountable to you and to myself.  My goal weight is 140.  My weight now is 189. I want to lose 50 lbs by Christmas.  30 by Melissa’s wedding.  So here’s my baggage splattered out here for you to see.

There.  I’ve done it.  Now I’m accountable.  Here I go…..

(still thinking about that pantry purge…)


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