My Mini Road Trip

This weekend’s adventures were going to be one blog but I decided to make it two…enjoy. 🙂

Friday, I left work early so I could head down to Schulenburg (well, it was really Swiss Alp, TX…a city so small, they don’t even have a population listed on their city sign) to pick Leighton up from their show at the Swiss Alp Dance Hall so that we could go to Erin’s wedding in Horseshoe Bay together.

Before I started my 4 1/2 hour journey, I had to get my hair purty for Erin’s wedding! 🙂  So I stopped by Lynsy’s salon, Salon Madrid, to get my hairs did.  I always love my appointments with Lynsy. She’s such a great, honest, talented person and I absolutely love our conversations every 4 to 6 weeks! She’s really become a great friend of mine over the last few years.  I highly recommend her!  I love her and my hair looks great…as usual from her! 🙂  I got some new Moroccan oil for my hair.  It is AMAZING!

The rain was torrential the first half hour or so of driving but after that, it died off.  Thank goodness.  I got to Schulenburg right at dark and got to check out Leighton’s new diggs on the bus.  Quite an upgrade I must say!  Smaller living room but everything else seemed like a nice upgrade.  They all have TV’s with DVD and Satellite in each of their bunks, they have a shower now (which I think serves as an extra closet, LOL) and its all in all a nicer bus.  I watched the Casey Donahew Band show and had a few laughs.  A girl begged and begged for Casey to say happy birthday…when he finally did, she screamed and threw her birthday cake hat into the crowd and attempted THREE times to crowd surf…they just weren’t having it.  Her fourth try the crowd finally gave in and she “crowd surfed” for about 5 seconds or so…it was quite hilarious. The show was great! They have changed it up a bit and I think it works great.  Every time I watch them I’m so proud of my husband and of them.

After the show, I got to nap in Leighton’s new bunk on the bus.  No idea how he sleeps in that thing.  Noisy, uncomfortable, ick.  But he does it and I love him for it!!  Around 3 a.m., Leighton came and got me and told me that they were finished.  I got up and we got in the car and drove to the creepy Oakridge Motor Inn and crashed for the night.  Probably the most disgusting hotel I’ve ever stayed in.  The manager came banging on our door at 9 in the morning and tried to slam the door open (and would have had it not been for the chain lock), then he yelled something through the door and slammed it shut.

I promptly got up and started the process of waking Leighton up and getting the heck out of there.  We were hungry so we went right across the parking lot to the Oakridge Smokehouse to eat breakfast.  The best breakfast I’ve had in a while!!! YUMMM!

After our yummy breakfast, we broke out my awesome new GPS and headed to Marble Falls for Erin’s wedding later that day…

More about that tomorrow…


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