Let’s Get Healthy

Leighton texted me the other day…

I wanna get healthy.

That sparked a fire in me.  I’ve been wanting to lose weight for a couple years now and I’ve been so unsuccessful at it.  I’m a classic say-I’m-gonna-do-something-and-never-stick-with-it type of person.  Especially when it comes to working out and eating healthy.  I need some serious motivation.

When I was at my fittest, I had a trainer that gave me a game plan for the week.  I saw him twice a week.  He was so good.  If I didn’t follow his workout regimen to the tee, he knew it.  And punished me for it. So, to avoid that gawd-awful punishment, I followed my regimen.  I was 19% body fat and dang proud of it.  My abs and butt were phenomenal. What I would do to be able to afford a great trainer again and to look like that again.

Well, I’m going to try again.  Except this time I’m going to be accountable.  To this blog and to my husband.  We have vowed to send each other a picture of every meal we eat (since we don’t see each other most of the week).  We just started that today and its already been motivation for me to pass on the rice at On The Border and get a side salad instead.  I think it will be good motivation for Leighton, too.  So, basically, I’m not really going on a diet.  I’m stealing an idea from a program we do at work each year called eat well. live well. and one of the goals this year is to fill half of your plate with fruits or vegetables and anything can be on the other half.  Leighton liked this idea so he is trying it as well.

The second step that I’ve taken is I tried a Wii game that a friend at work recommended. Its Jillian Michael’s Wii workout (I don’t know the actual name of it) and I’ve done it twice this week for 15 minutes each on the medium level.  I think in the past I’ve always thought to get into shape you need to spend hours in the gym so when I decide to start working out, I go to the gym and try to spend 2 hours there.  Its discouraging.  So I’m not doing that this time.  I’m taking it slow and gradually moving my way up.  Five years ago, 2 hours in the gym was nothing for me…AND it was fun!  But I was in great shape.

Anyway…I’ll get there soon. Now cheer me on!! 🙂


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